September 30

Travel Turt 2 sunrise

I woke at 4:00 in the morning or really early; dad woke as well. So we got dressed before sunrise and went to the observatory of Athens. I Saw a big dog on the way and it was chasing me but it’s owner called it back. I Remembered to not touch the poisonous plant this time and got to the top of the hill. From there we could see the acropolis and its building. Dad and me waited till the sunrise and swoosh pow! The beams of the sun and landscape lit up and the beams where shining through the acropolis ,It was an amazing sight! Then a few hours later we went on a ferry ride and there was a island and it was a really good swim place for me and my brother. We had a few mouthfuls of salt water through but the blue Mediterranean sea is a great place to swim. Then we went to a restaurant and we had a nice lunch there.  After that we caught a ferry home to our flat in Athens.

The day before…

We all got up and went to the museum and the acropolis we had a better look at the acropolis then the day before, and the museum was great. It had very interesting things and we went to an exhibition.

P.S I will try to send these posts every 1-2 days and the next place we are going to may not have Internet


September 28

Travel Turt day 1

This is my first full day in Greece and its really good the things that are cool about this are really being here. Just got out and I’m going to the observatory so we went, our map had a park near the observatory so we crossed the road and saw a slide and a playground I had a play on it and we went into a mini forest but not a bonsai Forrest. There was someone living in there.   Then a hill with marble stairs and it was easy for me to get up. at the top we saw the observatory.  We could see the acropolis. We had a quick look at the acropolis and found 3 or more dogs 7 or more cats and a tortoise on the street.  Then we went home.

September 27

Arriving at the place somewhere

On the first Tuesday in the holidays I went to Greece. First we went to the airport in Melbourne  it is a busy place. We were there for around 2 or 3 hours waiting in lines and queues. The staff were checking our bags and our passports and finally  we went to the waiting room for the flight to Doha  in the Middle East.  Then we boarded the plane and took off with all our stuff to Doha. Unfortunately it was the most boring flight ever because  my entertainment device in front of me was broken.  9 hours later…We got off the plane and went to the waiting room in Doha for our flight to Athens,  then 7 hours later we got to Athens picked up our luggage and mum went to call the person whose apartment we are staying in.  We got on a bus to Athens and then in to a taxi because the biggest strike in Greece had happened earlier and there was tear gas in the air and it was hard to breath. Then finally we got to our  flat .

September 25

our history and early traders

Macassan Traders

lived in the north of Australia.   They visited the north of Australia for at least hundreds of years, though probably much longer, fishing for trepang – sea cucumber – and trading with the Aborigines. These visitors contributed to the language, art, economy and genetics of the northern aborigines. The contact has left its mark on both sides of the Arafura and Banda Seas.

this a little bit about hem but I learned about these traders on this site if you want to know more.This is the URL for the site:      just put it in the URL bar to see it.

We don’t speak many other languages in our class.

September 8

My Avatar

My avatar is awesome! I chose it because its a chromalisk a imaginary animal and there one of my favorites. There are different types of chromalisk from the virulisk to the salamander this type of chromalisk is called the kelptolisk it steals pickups like money and food and can turn invisible well it blends in so well its invisible to learn more about chromalisks click (Link Closed)

That is why I chose my avatar.

September 7

The Pling

Once a crang called Spwoc and scowl called Cronc were the best of friends. One day they were playing seek and run and they found a piece of paper that said “It is over there” Spwoc and Cronc   both were very curious about the note. So they went to a sign that said over there then they and found a thing that was called a pling it and it was a very strange fun thing. They went back home and played with it all the time they were so happy.

The End!