October 11

Travel Turt 4 mastic Mesta

We arrived in Chios and we stayed in a tower near the harbour called Chios rooms. we stayed there for 1 night and Matthew ( my brother) thought our dad had gone but he had just gone on a walk. Then we drove to a medieval fortress Which is still there called Mesta. We booked a apartment there.

In the town square there are some cats and they have been very  nice to us. We also saw a grasshopper it was so big it was a mutant monster bug almost and a cat caught it. On the way to Mesta we got to swim in a beach but it had volcanic black rocks and they’re pure black.

So the real latest is we are staying in a fortress ,and they have a hobbit Hole like bilbos, a thing called mastic which is more valuable than silver mastic is a   Resin it has healing properties, and that’s it.

Turtwigii out

( Jordan out)

October 7

Tags and categories

Tags and categories are important because you can find things more easily so if you have no tags or categories you’ll have a messy desktop.  You can find them as icons on the starting screen when you get onto your computer. They’re  important with posts because might want a book report they can just click on a link that says book reports and they’ll find it easily.

October 7

Imaginary creatures

I like things that let you have a freedom of choice and what you want to happen in your imagination. So I think up imaginary things like the scowl in my story the pling. All these things in my story’s which will be posted to this blog when I get home which is in about 7 weeks. So it’s kinda like a game were you have to meet that character and get know them and I like to know stuff but the cool part is that you can decide it so if you want your character to be tall then you can design it to make it tall. So that’s why I like choice.

October 5

Travel Turt 3 Ikaria

Ikaria is great. Beachs were good all beachs here we held heavy rocks and we sank underwater and then we jumped up again it was fun. We saw a lot of villages and taverns but best of all we saw cats! We are staying at a house that is a family business and they let you stay there because its almost like a small hotel. We went to the church’s and we got walk to the monastery and I found a secret room and inside there were the monks bones.  We also got to go to the beach and a few other places. It’s a great place it was also the place where the very first wine was made.