May 18



This week while the Yr3s did naplan the grade 4s did a debate. What happened first was our student teacher Danni  called all the students down to Ant’s 3/4 classroom and we talked about a debate and watched a video about debate and what a debate is what a debate is. It’s an argument split between 2 teams and they would argue whose opinion is. We would have 4 similar subjects to do a debate on I got chosen to do the first subject to debate on. It was Less Money Should Be Spent On Helping Animals. The other subjects where Extinct Animals Should Be Bought Back To Life, Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos, and Animals Today Are Better Than Extinct Ones. Each debate had 2 teams positive and negative. I was on positive.

We had to write scripts on our teams each member of each team played a different roll there was the chairperson/timekeeper the 1st speaker the 2nd speaker the 3rd speaker and the revision speaker or the 4th speaker. The time keeper or chairperson would introduce the subject and the speakers the speakers would state points and the 4th speaker would sum it up and give a counter argument.

On the day we all got our scripts our confidence and we walked into the multipurpose room to show the year 3s what we’d been doing we got onto our seats and started our debate first the chair person introduced the topic of the debate and then introduced the speakers for their team. After that that teams first speaker would say there point about the argument then once they finished the timekeeper and the chairperson would switch around and the first timekeeper would introduce the topic again and there teams speakers. After the 2nd/3rd speakers (depends on how many people in debate team) turn the final speaker would use the secret weapon of debating the rebuttal and say why the other teams argument is bad and they must sum up the  argument for their team.

After that all happens and the debates where over it was time for the scoring in teams first place was team 8 in terms of the whole debate overall was the debate between team 7 and team 8 but they  won by half a point from team 1 and team 2. But once you hear a clap after the debate you have a feeling of relief because you know you did a good job. After all that the whole debate was over and we all went back to class.


By Jordan