August 30

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One day the freature freaky creatures Zolton and Chomp were exploring on the planet Zoltenelom(pronounced: zol-te-ne-lom) . They were swimming happily about in the ocean until they saw the legendary super awesome Mr. Moo Juu, he who knows everything. Chomp went up to Mr. Moo Juu and asked “will I find the most delicious food ever?”(Chomp loved eating). Mr. Moo Juu said “ yes” Chomp started sniffing everywhere to find it he even sniffed up Mr. Moo Juu’s bottom. Zolton said told Chomp like he was a madman “Chomp Mr. Moo Juu said you’ll find it anyway” “oh” Chomp said and stopped sniffing. Zolton and Chomp swam away and explored the ship wreak nearby they where looking for food for Chomp (he was hungry). So they went inside but when Chomp was about to give up he found something very strange. Chomp showed it to Zolton who was clueless.

Zolton wondered what the strange mystical looking thing was. They went out of the ship. Zolton took Chomp to his house and showed him the strange thing. Chomp said “it smells good” and took a whiff of the smell it smelt like a chocolate dipped mushrooms with peanutbutter on them “ what do you think it is” asked Zolton curiously. “I’m not sure but Mr. Moo Juu will know” Chomp replied. So Chomp and Zolton went to the Forest of Mr. Moo Juu. Mr. Moo Juu was standing at entrance he told them that the thing was “it”. Zolton and Chomp went away puzzled. When they were home Zolton said “Chomp, I have to figure out what it is so I have to go to it my place, my real home” Zolton vanished. The next day Zolton and Chomp awoke and went to Mister Moo Juu again and asked Mr. Moo Juu but he would not answer.

Zolton and Chomp knew why it was one of Mister Moo Juu’s worst habits (he slept in). So Zolton spent about a day or two thinking about it and decided that he should look for evidence. So Zolton went back to the shipwreck and found a note in a broken barrel near where that said it is what the chosen one seeks.

So Zolton got Mr. Moo Juu and went to Chomps house and told him everything Zolton vanished and appeared again with “it” “here” he said Chomp grabbed the food and

Chomp stuffed mystical food into his mouth “This is the best food ever!” he cried. Before Zolton could thank Mr. Moo Juu for his help he was gone. Zolton looked up into the sky and saw it was time to go home so he said “Chomp its time to go home” “OK” said Chomp as he was chewing through a mouthful of food. Once they where at Chomps house Zolton thought if this food is so magical than Chomp should be able to do really awesome things otherwise it would just be delicious. Zolton thought very carefully about this until he said “Chomp did you sign up for the race tomorrow” Chomp reply “of course I’ll do anything for the grand prize and entry is free but you always win and you cannot tell me what grand prize is”. Zolton went to his house and then went to bed. The next day was a big day when everyone arrived at the tournament they waited till it was time for the race to start.

Soon it was time for the race. “on your marks get set GO!” everyone rushed ahead towards the finish line. But Zolton was coming first and was too hard to keep up with. After several laps Zolton was just about to win like every other tornoment then suddenly Chomp zoomed ahead of Zolton and went past the finish line. Chomp got the grand prize. Zolton knew it, Chomp was the chosen one.

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