November 26

The Gold Rush

In 3/4C everyone had to study a certain event in Australian history. I studyed the gold rush. Everyone had to write a Fact sheet, a Descripive piece and a poem.

Here’s my Fact Sheet:

Gold Rush Fact Sheet

When– From 1851 to 1854

Where– All across Victoria

People involved– Edward Hargraves told everyone about the finding of gold. This is also how the gold rush began. The Government and the diggers were also involved.

Why– Since gold was so valuable at the time and still retains it’s valuable, when people heard about the founding of gold everyone wanted gold for themselves and went to the goldfields to dig for gold.

What– A gold rush is when someone finds gold and then others who hear this information dig for gold themselves.

How did people feel? – Most diggers felt hopeful about the gold rush hoping that they would find gold. However some diggers didn’t find anything or couldn’t dig because gold digging licenses were too expensive. The government took advantage of the gold rush and made gold digging licenses.

What was different at the time? – Mining was much harder at that time because they didn’t have tools such as drills. Mineshaft walls often caved in. A person had to mine with pickaxes and shovels this made mining a risk that could cost your life!

The Consequences– After the gold rush Melbourne became the richest city in the world, and during the gold rush people from all over the world came to mine for gold which made the population of Victoria explode from 70,000 to 500,000!

This is my Description:

Gold Rush Description

The dust blew across my face. I couldn’t keep digging I wiped my brow wiping my sweat onto the open cut blisters that covered my hands. I fell to my knees flinging my pickaxe across the floor. Then in the dim light I heard a wall of gravel fall under my pickaxe. Right before me, a glimmer, an unmistakeable sparkle. I rummaged through the gravel and after the blood, sweat and tears. I’d found it, Edward was right! I rushed to the outside world to tell my brothers. “Aye!” we yelled as we raised our fists. The eight month journey from England paid off, I thought as we cheered.

And this is my Poem:

Gold Rush Poem

I fell to the ground like a withered tree,

Rummaging through the despair for a sparkle of hope,

I waited in my despair…

Then hope found me.