February 27

Maths Mate (Sheet 3, Term 1, Question 22)

Predict: I predict this will be a word problem that involves addition

Read: On a shelf, the Maths book is the eleventh from the left or tenth from the right. How many books are there on the shelf?

Clarify: No Clarification needed

The Big Question: How many books on the shelf?

Mathematician’s Tool Box: My strategy was have I seen a similar problem.

Solving: First I added eleven and ten together and took one away because the Maths book counts as the eleventh book.

Conclusion: The answer is 20

February 25

100 WC …Pushing through the Earth… (Week 23)

When seekers of wealth push through the Earthen despair they lose there mind of the outside light, The world outside is sealed away and a soul has been trapped in its reality. But is hope and wealth really worth losing sanity. When desire corrupts the soul and the world is sealed away and that leaves you to hide away in the darkness and continue pushing through the Earth. Then some have been successful yet left all away and there old life abandoned. Yet some have over come the desire and never seek riches even if they will return successful. But when desire is controlled maybe it was the only way to keep pushing through the Earth.

February 20

Maths Mate Problem Solving (Sheet 1 Term 1)

Read: Fill in the missing digits in the sum of: 120 + _5_ = 6_5

First I noticed that both numbers in the tens column have been filled in so I added them up then I figured out the final sum of this equation was 695. Then I looked and saw that there was no ones in one of the numbers and there were 5 ones in the answer so I added a 5 to the empty space in they number. And then I added a 5 to the unfilled space because 1 + 5 = 6 and there are 6 hundreds in the answer.

So the answer is 120 + 575 = 695

February 14

How to Complete the 100 Word Challenge (WC)

When you’ve read my steps to get to the 100 WC website and access it I’ll show you how to complete it.

  • Firstly write your draft for the 100 WC week use Microsoft word or your own blog (make sure you are writing about the current prompt  for that week which can be found on the 100 WC website)
  • When you’ve finished your draft make sure edit it and check for mistakes
  • If you wrote you draft on word copy it to your blog in a new post (If you drafted on your blog skip that step)
  • Once you’ve done that click publish
  • Then view your post and copy the URL which is at the top of the page
  • After that go back on the 100 WC website and find the highlighted link that reads Enter Link Here
  • You go and click on that then fill in name of blog that is where you would write eg: Jake yr 6 MPPS Australia
  • Then enter the link
February 13

How to access the 100 Word Challenge (WC)

This list of steps will help you access the 100 WC website.

  • First start up your computer by pressing the on button
  • Then open your web browser  by double clicking on the desktop icon or start menu icon
  • After that type 100 word challenge into your search bar located in the middle of your monitor/screen
  • When you’ve finished that double click on the first option make sure it’s not an ad by looking if it’s not shaded yellow if the option is shaded yellow it is an ad and is not the 100 WC website
  • Then you’ve accessed the 100 WC website
February 13

Students job and Teachers job

My Job

Teachers Job


  • Come to school at 8:50
  • Obey the teachers
  • Expand our knowledge
  • Listen to others in class
  • Respect others and their belongings
  • If there’s a problem solve it yourself
  • Do tasks assigned to you by your teacher at school or at home
  • Try tasks that you haven’t done before

  • Give students work
  • Teach students important information
  • Get us ready for university
  • Be at school by 8:00
  • Care for students
  • Give students feedback
  • To help students when students make mistakes
  • Correct students mistakes and teach students what they’ve done wrong
  • Give students directions
  • Assign tasks for home
February 13

Letter of Application

Dear Liz,

In this class I shall bring stunning qualities. Such as my ability to learn faster than you can read this sentence. With this attribute present in your classroom you will no longer have to use repetition constantly to teach people saving you a great deal of time.

I will also be as efficient as possible while also being keeping presentation that is excellent but also keeping logical answers. If I’ve finished my task earlier than expected I will help others that haven’t finished their work.

I will make sure others in this classroom have fair goes when I’m working in a group and I’ll make sure many people show the value of collaboration on a daily basis.

I have checked that I will regularly show all school and public values of: care, collaboration, optimism, and respect. I will make sure all present in this classroom when I’m currently present will obey these values as well as me.

I now know you shall let me into your classroom and accept this letter of application.

Yours sincerely Jordan

O.D- Authorial

L.B- Secretarial

February 13

Classroom Considerations and Values

In 5/6 C we believe we should model the school values of respect, care, optimism, and collaboration. We can do this by treating others the way we wish to be treated. We will respect our workspace and ensure we are organized. We will listen attentively to classroom discussions. Confidentiality is of utmost importance in our classroom community and such we say what’s said in the room stays in the room.