March 31

…But I Thought I Had Enough Time… (100 WC Week 28)

In the city I thought I had time in the world. Rats like myself often don’t realize that Death chases us from birth and won’t stop until we have died. I would’ve finished my world I would’ve kept my life as it is until I died, then I realized that I was a rat in a city of humans and I couldn’t do anything I was powerless always. When I died I thought that I couldn’t die because I was a rat not a human I was wrong. The only thing that I thought when I died as a rat was but I thought I had enough time.

March 26

Maths Mate Sheet 7 Question 23

Predict: I predict this will be a addition problem.

Read: An indoor cricket team makes 7 runs in one over but loses 5 runs in the next. If the team continues scoring in this way, how many over  will they take to reach 15 runs?

Clarification: None needed

The Big Question: How many over  will they take to reach 15 runs?

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Have I seen a similar problem?/Break into manageable parts

Solving: I used the strategy of breaking it so I broke up the overs it went like this: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,15

Conclusion:So the answer was 8

March 24

Why would you like to be a Night Zookeeper? (100WC Week 27)

I would like to be a night zookeeper because it would give me more ideas to write about such as: the magical animals that live in the night and the monsters of the nilth. I would also like to be able to share my writing with other people and a whole writing community so people can give me feedback and new ideas to write with. I like the creative idea of the night zookeepers and how they are in their story of dominating the night while they’re also writing stories of there own. Thanks for reading this I hope I’m worthy.

March 20

Maths Mate Sheet 6 Question 23

Prediction: I predict this problem will be about measurement as 200m and 100m jumps out.

Read: Mr. Bean tries to push his car up an 800m slope to a petrol station. In one hour he pushes the car 200m up the hill. The next hour he rests and the car rolls back 100m. How long does it take to reach the top of the hill if he keeps pushing and resting in this way?

Clarification: None needed

The Big Question: How many hours will it take for Mr. Bean to get his car to the top of the hill?

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Break into manageable parts

Solving: I used the strategy of breaking it so I broke up the hours it went like this: 200-100-300-200-400-300-500-400-600-500-700-600-800

Conclusion: So the answer was 13

March 17

…Look up can you see… (100 WC Week 26)

In a city a moon was gone. This rat knew this was the perfect opportunity  to steal any food scraps. So this rat told other rats in his dump about how this had happened. “Squeak Squeak” (Look up, can you see there’s no moonlight tonight and men can’t see without the moonlight.) Squeaked the rat in a very eager tone. “Squeak” (I agree.) Agreed the other rat liking the sound of the other rats plan. They ran off into the darkness of the city’s night and later returned, the rats returned to there home with plenty of food scraps to last a long time indeed.

March 12

Maths Mate Sheet 5 Question 22

Prediction: I predict this will be a addition problem because of the images

Read: What is the sum of the numbers on the three hidden faces of the die?

Clarification: None needed

The Big Question: What is the sum of the three hidden faces?

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Write an equation

Solving: First I figured out the three hidden faces on this die were 2,3,6 because it is a six sided die then I added them together. 2+3+6=11

Conclusion: So the answer was eleven.

March 11

…But When She Lifted the Lid… (100 WC Week 25)

Sasha was digging through the masses of recycling and garbage bags. She dug looking for rats. Other girls never looked for rats but she had always been intrigued by rats from the first time she saw one. She knew of a story of a rat king, she read that a rat king controls other rats. She thought it was incredible, a rat with intelligence. She was determined to find one. She was so lost in her reality that she didn’t realize that she had found corpses of rats scattered everywhere. Then a box caught her attention, she was anxious but when she lifted the lid… Rats!

March 5

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 4 Question 24

Predict: I predict this problem will be one where you must complete a Equation

Read: Place a +,- or x sign in each box to make the equation correct. Equation: 6_8_2=46

Clarify: No clarification needed

The Big Question: Complete the equation.

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Guess, Check and Improve

Solving: First I added a multiplication symbol into the first slot because I new 6×8= 48. Then I put a subtraction symbol in the right slot and checked it.

Conclusion: So the answer was 6×8-2=46

March 4

Change the Story- Goldilocks and the Three Bears (100 WC Week 24)

Goldilocks went on a stroll through the woods and then stumbled upon a house. Now it was very odd for a house to be in the woods so Goldilocks was puzzled. Then she remembered the famous fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. There were three bears in a house in the woods and the bears went on a walk then Goldilocks came and ate all the porridge and sat on all the chairs then slept in the beds then she ran away when the bears came back. But despite this information indicating her impending doom Goldilocks ignored that story and went inside ate all the porridge, sat on all the chairs then slept in the beds. When she was sleeping the three bears came home and noticed all the changes that had happened. They found Goldilocks and devoured her alive while she was sleeping. The End