April 28

… and when I opened the cupboard door… (100 WC Week 30)

I was exhausted, I hadn’t had food in days. All rats resorted to eating anything even other rats. The famine had been terrible and the winter had killed many. I was crawling through the snow covered streets people above me were desperately searching houses for food. I chose to search one myself instead of aimlessly wandering amongst the streets. I went into the closest house as the door was open. I was grateful to be out of the winter. I crawled over to what I assumed was a kitchen where food must be. I looked around and found a large cupboard door. And when I opened the cupboard door… There was nothing I was hopeless, weak, I was going to die like everyone else.

April 2

Maths Mate Sheet 8 Question 24

Prediction: I predict this will be a magic square type puzzle.

Read: Fill in the missing numbers to produce the correct equations in every row and each column.

Clarification: None needed.

The Big Question: Fill in the missing numbers.

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Have I seen a similar problem?

Solving: First I did 4 x 8 = 32 and I did that downwards too. There was a 2 in the middle of the square with eights been filled in on the left and up so I put 16 in each slot. The last slot 48 was already filled in so we’ve completed the square.

Conclusion: So the answer was:

4  x 8=32

x      x    +

8  x 2=16

=     =    =