June 24

…But it was Far Too Hot… (100 WC Week 38 2014)

My brain was throbbing from the radiation. There was nothing left from the fallout. It was getting to me. I had to get out of the shelter otherwise I would run out of food. “I don’t think I’m going to survive,” I murmured to myself. I opened the vault door to see if I could get some water or something that could give me hope. But it was far to hot to move out of bunker. I was sure I would burn up if I went out there. I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I was done for. I went outside and felt intimidate agony from the intense radiation then I suddenly and burnt up in what was left of the world.

June 18

Maths Mate Sheet 8 Question 22 (Term 2 2014)

Prediction: I predict this problem will be about fruit and comparing them.

Read: What is the weight of four grapefruit if one and a half grapefruit of the same size weigh 600 g?

Clarification: None needed.

The Big Question: What is the weight of four grapefruit if one and a half weigh 600 g?

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Have I seen a similar problem?

Solving: I first figured that one whole grapefruit is 400 grams so I then multiplied that by four so my answer was 1600 grams.

Conclusion: So the answer was 1600 grams.

June 18

Author’s Purpose: The Field (To Describe 2014)

As the sun sets on a distant field a soft wind blows across the vivid green grass. Animals bounding across the fields in the last hours of the day. The golden light of the sun soon sets, gone. Silence… Then a sudden disturbance in the wind, as the creatures of the night soon rise. racing in the silver light of the moon. Like little lights the majestic eyes of these creatures flicker in the white light. Soon the fields are full of critters and life, as the light of the sun sleeps… Then an army of men claim this green landscape for themselves. Nothing would ever be the same.

June 15

…But What Happens in Brazil When… (100 WC Week 37 2014)

So since the world cup has come the world has gone to Brazil to see the world cup. So then I thought but what happens in Brazil when you fill a soccer team with rats instead of people will the rats win because of there small size? Or will the rats get crushed by the soccer ball and the other players? What wold happen if a bear won the world cup? Would it be crowned the winner and champion or would it just be neglected. There are so many things that could happen in Brazil but allot would be extremely unlikely.

June 13

Rust (Science Prac Report 2014)

Aim: To see if certain conditions can affect how fast something rusts.

Materials: Steel wool, eight beakers, vinegar, oil, salt water and water.

Method: Fill 4 beakers with vinegar, 1 beaker with 150mls of oil, another with 150mls of salt water and the last beaker must be filled with 150mls of regular water one beaker must be empty. Then take 4 equal pieces of steel wool and place them in the vinegar. This will remove the irons protective coating. Then after 3 minutes take the steel wool out. After that put each piece of steel wool into one beaker without vinegar inside it including the empty one. After you’ve completed that you should wait 1-2 days and check your results.

Results: The steel wool in air rusted the most. The steel wool in water rusted a bit and also changed its volume to get bigger. The steel wool in the salt water rusted and changed color. And the steel wool in the oil broke down and some of it was resting on the top, it also rusted the least.

Discussion: The steel wool in the air rusted the most because it was exposed the most to oxygen. Combining iron and oxygen creates iron-oxide which is rust. The steel wool in the water was rusty because water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen but it rusted less then the air because more oxygen is in the air than the water. The steel wool in the salt water had the the same reaction as the water but salt water tends to cause rust more quickly than normal water because salt is present. And the steel wool in  the oil rusted the least because water doesn’t mix with oil and the oil kept oxygen out.

Conclusion: The steel wool in the air rusted the most, the steel wool in the salt water rusted the second most, the steel wool in the water rusted the third most and the steel wool in the oil rusted the least.

June 12

Letter to the Government, Global Warming (2014)

Jordan ……


……………………. ____

Dear Mr Greg Hunt,


I am writing this letter to alert you on the environmental issue of global warming. Global warming is slowly becoming a greater threat to Australia and the rest of the world.

Removing the carbon tax was a bad decision. The carbon tax stops the burning of coal in Australia; your policy for the burning of coal increases the amount of carbon Australia is releasing and there for increases the threat of global warming.

The increased amount of logging done in Victoria and Tasmania has disturbed the amount of carbon expelled out of our atmosphere. I understand that the government has to do controlled burns after certain amounts of time but cutting whole forests is different and should be stopped. You may consider that growing plantations is a solution to this problem, but plantations are regularly cut down when trees grow big enough.

I know that stopping global warming for the whole world would be extremely difficult and could take over a millennium and global warming caused by humans would have consumed most of our planets land but for the time we live on this planet we should do our best to prevent it and slow it down. So I urge you to try and help to stop the threat of global warming for Australia and the rest of the world.

Jordan, Brunswick


June 11

Maths Mate Sheet 7 Question 22

Prediction: I think this problem will be about bricks hence the picture of bricks.

Read: What is the weight of 2 bricks if 4 and a half bricks weigh 9 kg?

Clarification: None needed.

The Big Question: What is the weight of 2 bricks?

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Have I seen a similar problem?

Solving: I first calculated the weight of one brick which was 2 kg. So I doubled it.

Conclusion:  So the answer was 4 kg.

June 9

100 WC Week 36

(Note this based off a real experiment. People did get rats drunk). I was feeling dizzy. I dunno what those people were doing to me but It was crazy. I fumbled around carelessly with no control over my actions. I fainted. I woke up still in this lab but the people were interested in some kind of acid. It looked like it was spilled. With no alcohol in my system I saw the men were wearing yellow suits and were trying to suck up the acid. But they also seemed to be examining it. Then one of the men raced over to me with a vial of the mysterious liquid. The effects felt like a constant throbbing pain all over my body then I started slowly dissolving… Slowly.