July 25

Maths Mate Sheet 1 Question 22 (Term 3 2014)

Prediction: I predict this problem will be about visualizing because at a glance you can see the words circle and line.

Read: Rugby players numbered 1 to 12 are standing in a circle in numerical order. They are evenly spaced. What number does the player opposite number 3 wear.

Clarification: None needed.

The Big Question: What number does the player opposite number 3 wear?

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Have I seen a similar problem?

Solving: I first visualized the circle in a similar way to a clock. Since this was numbered from one to twelve this would look exactly the same. Then I figured that 9 was opposite 3.

Conclusion: In conclusion the answer was nine.

July 22

Semester Goals

Semester 1 Goals:

Short Term Goal: To learn the routines of being in a 5/6 class and get used to the requirements.

Long Term Goal: To improve my organization skills and the presentation of my work.

Semester 1 Goals Reflection: I think I’ve achieved my goal of improving my organization because I’ve used my dairy well and made sure I’ve handed in homework on time. I’ve also got used to requirements that I will need to do throughout the year.

Semester 2 Goals:

Short Term Goal: To improve my leadership skills and to challenge myself instead of taking an easy way out. The reason I think to challenge myself is because I’ve tried to work superficially and work as fast as possible in order to complete my work but not to complete good work that is up to standard. The reason I want to improve my leadership is because in year 6 I will have to take on a leadership role. I’ve seen how difficult some roles are so I want to prepare myself.

Long Term Goal: To not rush my work and to make sure I work to the best of my ability. I want to improve the quality of my work by not rushing because I tend to work very fast but not put a lot of effort into my work. Working to the best of my ability will help me achieve all these goals I’ve set myself for semester 2.