September 2

Maths Mate Sheet 6 Question 23 (Term 3 2014)

Prediction:I predict this problem will be about coding, because of the strange symbols.

Read: An archeologist found some ancient numbers written as follows: (I’ll use keyboard symbols instead)

$$£ for 33.    $€€€ for 28.  And €££ for 6.  What did $€€£ equal?

Clarification: None needed.

The Big Question: What did $€€£ equal?

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Look for a pattern/Test all possibilities

Solving: First I tried to use the first clue to work out what $ means. After I’d tried many ways I came up with 16 = $ and 1 = £. I then skipped the second clue and went onto the third.  Since I know £ is one I take away two from six which is 4, so that’s what € is. Now we’ll add the amounts up. 16 + 4 + 4 + 1 = 25.

Conclusion: So the answer was 25.

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