September 10

…But it is Yellow… (100 WC Week 2 Term 3 2014)

The rats were looking for food. Searching cupboards, looking in draws all food would be found. Then one rat came across a peculiar food it looked like mouse food. The food was in plain sight and up for grabs, but this rat was still wondering why it was there. It looked really strange too, it looked more like mouse food to him. Traditionaly mouse food is just like rat food but it is yellow with holes in it, just like this. While in this moment of wonder a mouse scurried out from under a kitchen bench and wolfed (or moused) it down. But then strange things started happening to it, very strange things.

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2 thoughts on “…But it is Yellow… (100 WC Week 2 Term 3 2014)

  1. Mrs H (team 100) Cheshire, UK

    An interesting start to a story. I wonder what happens next in this world of rodents.
    We’ll done. Keep up the good writing.

  2. Mr Curtis (team100) UK

    An interesting entry! I like the way you have used different connectives in your writing. You have also used some great vocabulary and the thought of a mouse ‘mousing’ down food made me smile. I wonder what happened to the mouse…
    Well done!


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