December 10

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Year (Term 4 2014)

Next year I’m most looking forward to being a school leader and having a leadership role. This will mean I can take responsibility and become a role model for the younger age groups.

Being a role model and taking on a leadership role will help me achieve my goals for next year in order to show my full potential. Yet being a role model will also mean I must show a great example at all times. Yet as of now I don’t know what leadership role I will have and what unique experience it will bring for my final year of primary school. Personally I would like to be a house captain as they were the first leadership roles I knew about.

Another thing I’m looking forward to next year is having a new class and a new teacher.

Even though I’ve liked my class for this year very much, I think I would enjoy to have some change. I’ve also been very anxious and curious about what my teacher and classmates will be next year. I have questions about weather I’ll like it more than a past class, and weather I’ll like the teacher. I’ve also looked up to the current year six’s and being the leaders in the school would be very different to my past experiences.

The second last thing I’m looking forward to next year is knowing what school I’m going to.

Then I’ll know weather any of my friends are going to my new school, if the teachers there are friendly and so many of my questions will be answered.

The last and final thing I’ll be looking forward to is being a year six.

Being a year six will increase my confidence and my leadership skills. I’ll also only have myself to look up to so it will be very different. Yet being a year six I’ll know it will be the hardest school year in primary school that I’ll have.

These are the things I’m looking forward to next year.

December 10

Scientific Report: Preventing Rust

Title: Preventing Rust           Class: 5/6C           Date: ?????




Aim: To find the most efficient and effective way of preventing rust.



  • Copper Ribbon x3
  • Beaker 600ml x4
  • Vinegar (300ml)
  • Wax
  • PVA Glue
  • Bunsen Burner (Help Needed)
  • Tripod
  • Gauze Mat



  1. Get materials.
  2. Pour vinegar into one beaker.
  3. Place all copper ribbons in vinegar.
  4. Place tripod on top of Bunsen burner and place the gauze mat on the tripod.
  5. Place wax in one beaker and place that beaker onto the gauze mat.
  6. Turn on Bunsen burner. (With help)
  7. Wait till wax melts.
  8. Turn off Bunsen burner. (With help)
  9. Put 1 copper ribbon into the molten wax and remove the molten wax beaker from Bunsen burner.
  10. Place another copper ribbon in empty beaker.
  11. Put PVA glue onto copper ribbon (Till covered)
  12. Leave both beaker next to each other.
  13. Place last ribbon in the last empty beaker.
  14. Then observe your results in 1-2 days.


Hypotheses: My prediction is that the wax will be the most effective but the glue will still be better than no way of prevention.



Air: Showing small signs of rust, no other reactions.

Glue: No rust, completely covered in glue and glue has not yet solidified

Wax: Wax has solidified, no rust yet and an air bubble has been trapped under the wax with the copper.


Air: Rusted completely, no other reactions

Glue: Has not rusted at all, has been successful.

Wax: Has rusted yet only in the area of the air bubble. Areas submerged in  wax completely unaffected

Conclusion: In conclusion the glue has been the only way to succeed but the wax has improved on the air and has only had a flaw exposed. Overall the experiment was successful.

December 8

Maths Mate Sheet 7 Question 23 (Term 4 2014)

Prediction: I predict this question  will be about addition because of the repeated pluses in the question.

Read: The digit sum for 95 is 9 + 5, or 14. How many two digit numbers have the digit sum of 9.

Clarification: None needed.

The Big Question: How many two digit numbers have the digit sum of 9.

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Have I seen a similar problem?

Solving: Firstly I know that all the nine times tables with two digit numbers add up to nine so I did: 2×9,3×9,4×9,5×9,6×9,7×9,8×9, 9×9 and 10×9. Thats 9 sums so the answer is 9.

Conclusion: So the answer was 9.

December 7


I ran outside, the air was cold and lonely. As I ran out of the nest I saw a strange red food on the humans floor. I wondered if my eyes deceived me so I opened them again. I thought this was my lucky day. I ran back into the nest to tell the other rats the good news. After I told them one of the rats said “We should have a celebration!” The eldest rat looked at me like he was nervous. I ignored him and ran outside to where the red food was with the other rats. Then I noticed that one of the youngest rats beat us to it. He didn’t look to well though, not very well at all…

December 4

(Picture of Rusty Boat on the Aran Islands) (100 WC Week 14 Term 4 2014)

The rats once sailed with humans, like stowaways they stayed hidden. Most sailors were unaware until they found out that they were infested. Yet this never worked out for the rats or the people. The rats would go down with the ship while the sailors died out. Other boats made of iron and steel had rat catchers from the docks. The catchers often had terriers frothing from the mouth with a thirst for rat blood. The rat catchers from the mainland were much worse than the ones of the docks. They didn’t see rats like the ones in the docks. Not like the ones in the docks…