February 25

Document Part 1 (Term 1 2014)

Document heard an obnoxious voice in his head say “This is Document he went to what is his starting location, he went through the door on his left.” Document didn’t like this obnoxious sounding voice so he went through the door on his right. The room inside was dirty and full of miscellaneous goods on one shelf everything was caked with mould. The room wasn’t dark but when Document thought about it nothing was dark. “No Document get out of the closet,” shouted the obnoxious voice “There are bits of mould and cobwebs and everything I didn’t use to make this story for you!” Document didn’t like the loud noises so he backed down into the corner, suddenly something fell over in the next room. “Move to the other door Document!” Document didn’t move he was too frightened. “Ok restart!”

Then Document was transported to the same room!? Document was very confused, he didn’t know if anything had changed. But then he noticed that everything was the same and nothing had changed even though he thought something in this room did fall over. Then the voice said “This is Document he went to what is his starting location, he went through the door on his left.” That was weird even the voice was the same. Document wanted to be the same to, so he went through the door on his right. The voice spoke again “Really Document, restart!”

Document went back to where he started and the same voice stated yet again “This id Document he went to what is his starting location, now Document see this line it’s a storyline.” Then Document examined his surroundings and sure enough a bright yellow line was there. It went everywhere and through the door on his left “Follow the storyline Document!” chanted the voice.

To be continued…

S.O- Authorial

A.F- Secretarial

February 25

The Extreme and Intense Life of a Genetically Engineered Manatee Volume 3 (Term 1 2014)

In London a man by the name of Sir Johnson French Moustache had finally genetically engineered a manatee. Somehow an incredibly small hair from Sir Johnson French Moustache’s moustache had gone into his formula. This event had made his genetically engineered manatee have the gene of having a French style handlebar moustache. Having this incredible moustache this small manatee had been able to escape London and his former owner Sir Johnson French Moustache and move to the French capital of Paris. Having a moustache also allowed this manatee to have an extreme authority and access to many fine and vintage wines of Paris. This manatee soon became head of the department of French manatees and began his business of being a manatee but this genetically engineered manatees business would soon change. One morning at the department of French manatees a conference was held on what this department could do as they realized they did not do anything apart from be French manatees. The department eventually agreed on drinking fancy wines as some people may assume they were important and give them money to spend on more fancy, premium and vintage wines. So the genetically engineered manatee needed to drink wine in order to do his job now. But one problem occurred Sir Johnson French Moustache’s moustache had not ever been exposed to wine so as soon as the genetically engineered manatee drank some wine it had spoiled his perfect handlebar moustache. This manatee was demoted from head of the department of French manatees and had been banished to his homeland for not having a moustache. The manatee had been forced to return to his master Sir Johnson French Moustache and live back in London. Until he found a fake moustache on the ground. Yet he still considered a fraud because it was a fake moustache.


Y.E -Secretarial

February 25

Bark Canoe (BTN Term 1 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Bark Canoe

  • Bark canoes were made with care to not harm the tree. Bark canoes are shaped with logs and covered with ochre to seal them. Bark was also used as shields and spear throwers, as well as canoes.
  • I now understand how large the amount of knowledge that the Aboriginals knew about how trees grew and their structure to make sure they didn’t hurt the tree when taking off bark, they also put ochre on the trees to seal them from insects because they knew that they needed to protect the trees and keep them alive. I also now understand how important this ancient art was to the aboriginals because it shows so much about there history and culture as a whole because it says alot about how they lived in the past.
  • And a question I still have is “Were the Aboriginals the first race to use canoes or, or did another culture invent the concept before they did?”.
February 23

(Picture of Abandoned, Old Couch) (100 WC Week 23 Term 1 2015)

“Uhhg” I muttered to myself as I scurried across the side streets. The side streets used to be the home of some of the richest people in London or what was left of it. But now parts of it are becoming dumping grounds. People seemed to care less and less about life now. they may as well be on exile to the Tombs. Other rats clawed at the ruins furthering it’s terrible state. At least I wasn’t starving in the Whithern, or I wasn’t a rat commoner in the sewers, or I was even alive…

February 18

…But it Said ‘Sweet’ on the Wrapper…(100 WC Week 21 Term 1 2015)

As I scrambled over the sewer floor I noticed an enormous wrapper that humans put food in. I climbed on top of it, it had human text that read “Sweets and Confectionery”. I crawled under the wrapper and found a mess of sugar and mold. I wouldn’t normally eat something like this but the famine and the cold was too much, I took a bite. But it said sweet on the wrapper I thought. I was better then nothing I guess, I wondered how humans could tolerate the taste of such food anyway. I’m still alive though so I think I should be thankful anyway.

February 18

Nuclear Industry (BTN Term 1 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was about: Nuclear Industry

  • I remember that Australia owns 1/3 of the worlds discovered uranium. Australia also is the only country that attends G20 that doesn’t use nuclear power. The final thing I remember about this report is that nuclear waste zones often don’t get rebuilt or acknowledged ever again.
  • Next, my new understands are, that Australia is considering using nuclear power over fossil fuels in the future as well as using nuclear power for other purposes, and I now understand that nuclear power is formed by splitting uranium atoms and the energy released by that is nuclear energy.
  • Finally my question I have is “How much water is evaporated in a nuclear power plant as coolant and why are more efficient coolants not used?”.
February 13

…The Silence was Deafening…(100 WC Week 21 Term 1 2015)

“What happened down here” I muttered to myself. I tried not to speak, I didn’t know what was in these sewers now… The rest of the rats had gone, had vanished. I wondered what could’ve made them flee so quickly, because without rats the silence was deafening. Maybe they died out here, maybe they were starved out in the snow, they could’ve even went gone insane. Nothing made any kind of sound, it was only me and the occasional sound from the surface. But it was here or nowhere, The surface houses were too dangerous and I would freeze if I tried to go. I wonder what my friend found when he left…

February 5

Why are You Lucky to Have Me in My Class? (Term 1 2015)

I believe that I would be an exceptional member of 5/6A in 2015.

The first quality I would like to showcase is my ability to question other people’s knowledge and opinions. I’m always intrigued by the way others think, and question my peers to encourage them to show what they know. I think being in this class will help me further this skill, and I’m sure you’ll see that I use this skill alot. I believe that one of the main ways people have learned is by asking questions and answering them. For example when people questioned the unanswerable they made a collective knowledge called science they used this to answer questions that couldn’t be answered normally.

Secondly I would like you to know about my understanding of mathematics. From the reports of previous teachers I’ve been singled out for having an amazing maths ability. To reinforce my first quality I mentioned I’ve always had a question about maths it’s: “If humans created maths then why can’t we understand it?”. In order to make this message at a readable size I won’t tell you everything I know about maths because there’s just too much to tell.

Next I would like to demonstrate my creative skills. In past experience I’ve participated in the tournament of the minds ,or ToM for short, which is a program which uses most of the skills that you learn in class such as creativity. And just like maths creativity is too big of a phenomenon for me to tackle. I plan to do ToM again and to continue pushing my creative mindset in new and interesting ways.

Finally I would like to show my talent for general knowledge. Generally I use my prior knowledge connected with newer knowledge that I’ve learned from asking questions to infer what ,for example, the meaning of a word is. I’m sure later in the year you’ll see me answering questions in class and sharing my knowledge, so I can teach others and help them work.

So I thank you for reading this and hope you’ll soon see that I’ll be an extremely exceptional member of 5/6A in 2015.

February 5

Sandwich Grey Miserable Hyena Climb (100 WC Week 20 Term 1 2015)

The baron grey landscape that I climbed over helplessly was covered by lifeless snow. I couldn’t go back to that broken town. I would’ve died either way, I’ll freeze out here but with the famine in that town my fellow rats would’ve eaten me alive. No food in sight, no bread, no sandwiches, not even poison! I would never forget what happened to my friend and the poison. The famine must have drove him insane. I think the misery in this snow was better, even if I knew was going I would die soon. At least I knew I would leave with my sanity, my dignity. Not even a hyena’s laughter could cure my depression. Suddenly I was cut off, from life.

February 1

Letter Reply To Jude (Term 1 2015)

To Jude,

Thanks for welcoming me into your class and I hope I have a great year with this class.

Now I’ll tell you about my holidays and Christmas:

Firstly on Christmas I went to my dad’s side and on Christmas Eve I celebrated with my mum’s side. My cat, Matty, also was disturbed as she was hiding in my brothers room on his bed. I helped with the setting up of the celebration for my mother’s side. My favourite gift I got was a board game called Dominion which is a game based around building a kingdom and expanding a monarch.

Secondly I would like to share the highlight of my holidays. It was when I went camping with my family at Mount Buffalo I’ve always loved camping and this was no exception.

Thanks for reading my letter and I hope I have a great year in 5/6 A!