March 24

…My Ultimate Adventure… (100 WC Week 27 Term 1 2015)

Voyages to Blight were common. Taking the semi dead tombs men of London to their homelands. As a rat stowaway my ultimate adventure was to simply be able to survive a voyage. Blight was also a place of the exiled people of London so I couldn’t be sure that I would survive. The masters never acknowledged Blight so the main threat to rats were the docks rat catchers, they would’ve come on behalf of captains and even generals of the rat legion. I never saw any other rats because I was supposed to be exiled to Blight because of causing the unfortunate fate of a Rat legion Lieutenant General. Hopefully I would never get caught by another rat again.

March 18

Malaria (BTN Term 1 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Malaria (BTN Clip Released: 04/06/2013)

Malaria infects 219 million people and kills 660,000 people each year. $3.5 billion dollars is spent each year trying to fix baldness. Malaria is a parasite spread by mosquitoes that crosses directly into someones blood stream.

I understand how a vaccine for malaria would be much more useful than a cure because it would be very costly to mass produce a cure rather than to develop and use a vaccine. I also understand the lack of awareness about malaria compared to baldness, etc. Along with that I understand that a lack of awareness has caused a lack of funding.

A question I still have is: “What are the symptoms of malaria and is there any hope for someone that’s contracted to to survive (children)?”.

March 18

Vietnam Immigration Reflection (Term 1 2015)

In today’s lesson we looked at three main periods of immigration to Australia: Lesson

Vietnamese people came from 1976 until 1981 after the war between North and South Vietnam. 55,000 Vietnamese immigrants lived in Australia after the last boat had arrived (From Vietnam). The first boat of immigrants was called Fishing Boat KG4435 and landed in Darwin in 1976.

Most Vietnamese refugees were women and children likely because most men would’ve died in the war or would’ve stayed to help overcome poverty at the time. Vietnamese refugees also mostly came in fishing boats because they had most of their money and belongings destroyed, they also were frequently attacked by pirates since they were in fishing boats and were vulnerable.

A question I still have is “What did the people from North Vietnam do after the war, did they live as normal or did they also have refugees?

March 17

…As They Turned the Corner… (100 WC Week 26 Term 1 2015)

I knew there were others in the Pale Wastes, other rats… I crawled across the harsh wasteland’s snow. I noticed a captain, a monster hunter and an urchin passing a blanket around watching the lights of London from afar. I saw a terrier dozing next to the hunter. I knew that my smell would’ve attracted his attention. Then I heard the terrier creeping across the snow towards me, I knew the hunter would be arming himself with his harpoon now. I sneaked into the snow and waited, and as they turned the corner I was impaled in my chest. I had struggled and failed, I had met my fate.

March 10

Mouse/(Inferior) Plague (BTN Term 1 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Mouse Plague (BTN Clip Released: 28/06/2011)

  • Farmers are having mass outbreaks of mice because of recent booms in crop growth. Farmers are using a poison called mouse-off which is wheat grain poisoned with zinc phosphide. Some farmers have wanted to make their own poisons to save money but that is illegal as it could be harmful to native animals and plants.
  • Mice can easily breed every 19 days with every litter containing an average of 6 babies, those babies will start to breed once they’re around 6 weeks old which means in about 3 mouths starting with 2 mice you could end up with about 50 or more new ones. Farmers also have to deal with the disease caused by these mice and even rats, some farmers claim to have their animals and livestock dying from mouse and rat spread viruses meaning that not only crops but animals are being destroyed by this plague.
  • A question I have is “Why they don’t make a cheaper poison to kill these mice and why only mice are thriving in particular?”.
March 10

Pipe Swam Green Carefully Horse (100 WC Week 25 Term 1 2015)

I crawled across the frozen ice of the flooded Whithern sewers and the pale wastes. I noticed the crude green that invested the walls of the pipe, it was like a plague infecting the sewers. I wondered how that thing could’ve survived in this wasteland. I continued to scurry along carefully over the thin ice on the verge of breaking under me. Then suddenly my thought became a reality as I fell into the unknown abyss. I struggled to swim back up, eventually being pulled back by snares thriving at the bottom of the sewers. Then I started to see things as I swam to above the ice ,and failed, I saw a horse, a man, then another rats corpse and that’s when I saw mine…

March 9

ICT Leader Application (Term 1 2015)

I strongly believe that without doubt I would be the best person for the role of being an ICT leader for 2015, here’s why.

First and most of all I’m an exceptional computer user and would have no hope becoming an ICT leader if I didn’t have these skills. Just as an example to show my computer mastery, this year especially and in past years I’ve used my ICT skills to help my teachers and peers. Just this year I’ve helped my teacher (Jude) improve with her usage of the blogging system. I’ve also helped people with other general ICT related problems such as their computers failing to start. As an example for this, just yesterday I helped one of my fellow classmates start up there computer and fixed their problem with my mastery of ICT.

Secondly I’m organized. For people who’ve known me for a bit this should come as no surprise but for those of you that don’t know this I’m an extremely organized person. Being organized comes with any leadership role and ICT leader is no exception. I would use my skills to help people from all around the school while also keeping up with my own work. I’ve already proven myself to have this ability as I’ve been selected for roles such as SRC and house captain.

Finally I would like to showcase my general intellect. Another quality I’ve had for a very long time and I’ve used in other roles is my intelligence. I can use my knowledge to help teach others about computers, etc. Once again I’ve already proven myself to have this ability because I’ve used it to my advantage to get other roles such as SRC, etc.

So those are my reasons and why I hope to become ,without question, the ICT leader for 2015.

Regards Jordan.

March 4

Ebola (BTN Term 1 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Ebola

  • Ebola has had an outbreak in West Africa in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria. A program called operation octopus has been set up were troopers and medical workers have set up quarantines in effected areas. Ebola’s symptoms are getting really sick then you would get a rash, start vomiting, and having diarrhoea and finally you’d start bleeding.
  • Ebola has had several vaccines tested for it yet none have worked so far, these vaccines have been made scientists at companies like the CSIRO. An operation called Operation Octopus has been set up in an action to contain the disease and they’ve set up many quarantines in order to do that, yet the World Health Organization has stated that Ebola is spreading faster than they can control it.
  • A question I still have though is: whether they’re are diseases that have spread more and may create more chaos than Ebola?
March 4

Music Captain Application (Term 1 2015)

I believe I would make an exceptional music captain for 2015.

First of all I would like to point out that I’ve already been told that I will be a great music captain and that I’ve been put at the top of the list for possible choices. And this is why I’ll be chosen.

Now as my first argument I would like to talk about my organizational skills. This should go without saying for any leadership role because without being organized how will you be able to do your job in the first place. I’ve been selected for other roles such as house captain just for my organizational skills alone. And I’ve even been told by past and present teachers that I’ve got fantastic skills.

Next I would like to showcase my musical ability. I currently play the clarinet and the piano and am the leader of our schools clarinet section. I’ve also been playing the longest and have learnt some music theory from  my piano teacher. My skill has also been recognised by the MAVIMP program as I was invited into the school band and into the music camp which are both events normally exclusive for older levels. I’ve also gained knowledge about other instruments challenges and how they’ve overcome them.

So those are the reasons why I would make an excellent music captain for 2015.

Regards Jordan.

March 4

SRC Application (Term 1 2015)

I strongly believe that I could be a vital member of 2015s student representative council at MPPS.

First of all I would like to inform you about my organizational skills. I understand for that organizing yourself and your fellow SRC’s is a huge part of the SRC and, I’ve been shown to have those qualities. As an example in TOM or the tournament of minds I’ve had to organize my team by doing: paperwork, accounting, and making sure my teammates are also organized. This proves that I’ve also had past experience with administrative tasks as well as being organized.

Next I would like to show you my general intelligence and intellect. This means I can help others by using this knowledge to help improve work if they’re having trouble, I can also help my fellow SRCs too. I can also use my knowledge to give constructive feedback on ideas and even create ideas myself. In class I’m also the person that puts up their hand and says the meaning of a word or an answer to a question.

Now I would like to showcase my ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) skills. In class, especially this year, I’ve been asked to help my peers and even my teachers with ICT work.

And those are the reasons why I’ll be selected as a great SRC for 2015.

Regards Jordan.