April 30

Locust Plague (BTN Term 2 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Locust Plague (BTN Clip Released: 24/09/2010)

Because of heavy rain and the increase in crop growth in Queensland a locust plague has broken out. Locust plagues are caused by crop growth increasing rapidly thus increasing the amount of food locust’s have and the locust population. Each locust female lays around 150 eggs in total split into 3 times with 50 eggs each time.

I understand the impact on farmers and the economy because a locust plague will cost farmers money thus also leaving a shortage of local produce. I also understand the impact on the pest control services because this can also cost them some money along with the government.

A question I still have is: “Are there any other insects or bugs that have been known to be in plagues?”.

April 28

Drum Cornflake Exciting Lion Danced (100WC Week 30 Term 2 2015)

The surface rats while primitive were still just as powerful as the rats of Unter. The surface rats had ceremony’s and fought each other the determine the superior and the inferior. They danced and fought with the strength of a man and the ferocity of a lion. An excited crowd of rats bellowed behind them. Some scavenging for food in the crowd like a cornflake, Surface rats had to fight themselves as they can’t communicate well. Surface rats in a fighting crowd sounds like a drum booming, loud and strong. Unfortunately not all rats are created equal and the rats of Unter show this as all rats may eventually prevail supreme.

April 28

Internet Safety and Digital Licences (Term 2 2015)

While the year 5’s have been studying for Naplan the year 6’s have been using a digital licence website to train ourselves for using the internet in the future. Each section has been split up into different areas or modules.

If you want to access the website here’s a link: https://www.digitallicence.com.au

Module 1 Digital Devices:

This module focused on the importance of what things to connect to your device and what not to connect. An example of what to not connect would be your bank details, etc. You would also avoid using foreign networks. I also understand the importance of taking care of your devices as they’re expensive pieces of equipment. Keeping your devices free of malware and being careful about what you’ve downloaded is also very important. I would like to know more about the other effects of malware and viruses on computers.

Module 2 Protecting Privacy:

This module focused on yours and others privacy and the importance of your password. They mentioned constructing your password out of multiple types of characters such a selection of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as some miscellaneous characters. I understand the massive impact of being hacked online as it has almost happened to me, several times,. As such I also understand the personal information that is at risk when an account or device is hacked into and the damage caused by that. I still have a question about how to test whether or not a password is effective.

Module 3 Searching and Researching:

This module was about how to protect yourself and what to be careful of when browsing the web, some of the things it said to look out for were scams, torrent sites, etc. It also mentioned the importance of choosing were you go on the web, how to use information you find on the web and how to go where you can find where you want to go on the web. I understand how important searching properly can be as sometimes what you can find is untrue or offensive. I also understand the dangers of downloading software even if it’s normally ok it’s always important to check exactly what your getting and where from. I still have a question about whether or not punctuation effects search results.

Module 4 Creating and Sharing:

This module was focused on how you can safely create and share information online, for example it mentioned asking people for permission to post a picture of them online and what content is appropriate to put onto the web in the first place. Another fact it mentioned was about what rules you should make for yourself when posting things online, like your own personal guidelines. I now understand the importance of checking what you create online because it maybe offensive to some people. I also understand the importance of not downloading or copying content that must be paid for because that can effect the artist’s sales and income greatly. A question I have about this is “How much data is uploaded to the internet a day and how much of that data if offensive?”.

Module 5 Networking and Gaming:


April 22

Vaccinations (BTN Term 2 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Vaccinations (BTN Clip Released: 29/05/2012)

Vaccinations are very important to all of us and some of us wouldn’t be alive without them, yet recent outbreaks of diseases like whooping cough makes some scientists think that some vaccines aren’t being used. Diseases common in children like polio have been wiped out by vaccines which proves their importance. Vaccines aren’t being used because of some people believing that they’re unnatural and cause side effects.

I understand the huge importance of vaccines in the medical industry and also the serious outcomes that not being vaccinated can have on children and adults alike. I also understand the effect of vaccines not being used as well, because if somebody isn’t vaccinated rather than only catching the disease they can also spread the epidemic.

A question I still have is: “What are the suggested side effects of getting a vaccination?”

April 22

…X Marks the Spot… (100WC Week 29 Term 2 2015)

I led my colleagues through the old quarters of London. Brandishing my shotgun for the unknown dangers that lied ahead. The archeologists only needed me to protect them and scout ahead to find the shrine of Saint Joshua. We’d already lost one scholar to the unknown and I wasn’t prepared to lose more. I quickly ran ahead over a hill my feet crushing the gravel underneath me, then I heard a squealing noise of a rat coming from the depths of the fog. In shock I shot ahead blindly only to hear the noises of the scholars calling to me. I ran back over the hill towards the noises to hear one of the archeologists say “X marks the spot!”. Then I saw what the scholars saw an entrance to a cave that was drenched in violet light. I knew this wasn’t what we were looking for but I knew this was something never found before in the Unter.

April 19

The Cats 2! The Power of 4 (JB+AF)

Archery Cat

1 mouth earlier…  Blade cat and me were walking along but in the last few days he’s been acting weird. He’s been eating like a dog and still Claw cat is nowhere to be seen. And he’s been humming like He’s counting down. Then suddenly I was knocked out of my thoughts by Blade cats voice saying “times up bed time!” Then I fell unconscious. I woke up in a jail cell. I looked around Blade Cat was standing in front of my cell and I saw Claw cat unconscious with a bleeding wound on his forehead. “Hello.” Blade cat purred I turned to Claw cat he was woke up at the sound of Blade cats voice. Blade cat simply stated he had plans then left. I should have never trusted that fiend I thought to myself. I’ve lost track of time and it seems like we’ve been in here for weeks me and Claw Cat have been driven to the edge of insanity. Then I heard two voices whispering our cell window “I can’t believe it’s really them” one said “I know after so long we can finally found them Kidra” Said the other one. I peeked out my window and saw two cat’s then I hopped down and helped Claw cat up and we looked out again and the cats faces where pressed against the bars. One was a ginger cat with a red badge on and the other was black and white with a blue badge. “Wow I thought they would be taller” the ginger cat said “Hey” Claw cat argued. “Anyway I’m Duli said the black and white one and this is Kidra. We’ve come to save you” Then me and Claw cat noticed that our hands where hot then we noticed the metal bars where melting. We climbed out of the cell and we onto the roof Duli and Kidra followed. They said that they needed their things back they sneaked in through the roof and went into the toilets and saw a dog doing his business  “Ok” I said and I went back up. I went through the next air vent and found Claw cat and my things we grabbed our things. We ran out and far from the prison.


I couldn’t believe me and Duli finally found them the cats! Claw cat said “We should find a safe place to set-up camp and regroup” “Ok” chorused Me and Duli. We walked down the lane to find billy McLane. We asked his name and he said the same because he’s that ol’ Billy McLane. Then Archery cat asked where a safe place they could stay was. “I’d say the inn with Billy McInn” Said Billy McLane scratching his black shell “Or down in the sewer with Billy manure” “Um Sewer! yes definitely” I said “Ok” stated Claw cat sarcastically. We had a vote and I can’t believe nobody wanted to go into the sewers. So Archery cat and Claw cat went to see the inn. They came back and said that we could stay there we walked down to the inn and we where showed with a room with four beds and a toilet “I bags sleeping in the toilet” I said then Billy McInn left and Billy manure came out of the toilet and said “The toilet is full of poop in the sewer” “Nooo” I yelled. This was the longest day of my life I was bored it was terrible. Archery cat insisted on taking me to the super souvenir shop “Come on” said Archery cat as he went out of the inn I followed. We both continued walking down town. Then we were stopped by a green smoke screen only to be hit with a boulder I was Ok but Archery cat was badly hurt. I put Archery cat on his hover board to go back to our room in the inn. Then I shoot a fireball blindly at the smoke I heard of metal clanging and I smell burning flesh. I thought to myself robo dogs and I focused all my energy and summoned a fire serpent. It wasn’t very big but it would make do. It incinerated the dog and the haze was gone and I saw the melting metallic carcass laying on the ground or what was left of it. I used the little energy I had to walk over the uneven cobblestones to the souvenir shop.

Claw Cat

Me and Duli had been helping Archery cat while he was injured for a while now. “I feel better” Archery cat groaned. “I think we should check on Kidra” Suggested Duli. So we went to the souvenir shop. Then we Kidra and Billy McHop “Glad you could stop at this fine shop” Billy McHop said as he was hopping around on one leg. Kidra was stumbling around on his paws as he leaned against the counter. Then Duli said “Look someones at the front door” I quickly turned around ant focused my attention on the glass door then two mysterious figures came inside. I could vaguely see what they looked like over the horizon. One was black and white like Duli and the other was pink like who knows what. Then the pink one said to us “You should advance on your adventure” “No stay here and give us foot rubs” replied the black and white one. As they entered the room I saw them one was a pig and the other a cow then Duli went towards the cow “Hi Supercow,” He said “Why are you here?” “No reason,” Supercow said shrugging “Dennykal is coming too.” he added. “Whose Dennykal?” Archery cat and I asked. “He’s another cat” Kidra moaned I jumped up in shock because Kidra had hardly spoken in our conversation. “He stole the map Excelsior,” explained Duli “But only two exist!” yelled Archery Cat.

Claw Cat

I heard an ear bleeding noise coming from the sky. I sprinted out of the shop and gazed up at an enormous ship emerging from the clouds. Before friends could even come out Dark cat and a decrepit robo dog leaped out of the ship. Before I could react a giant rat tackled to the ground and then merged into me. I could feel an unsettling energy to this beast , one that hadn’t been felt for many years…


The End Forever

April 14

Banana Disease (BTN Term 2 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Banana Disease (BTN Clip Released: 24/03/2015)

There’s been a banana disease spreading through Northern Queensland. The disease is called Panama Disease Tropical Race 4. It’s a fungus that’s spreads through the ground and gets into the banana plants roots to infect it.

I understand the impact on the economy because the banana industry is multimillion dollar and very important to the countries economy. I also understand the impact on the many farmers and farming establishments in Northern Queensland.

A question I still have is: “What other banana disease outbreaks have happened recently?”.

April 13

(Photograph of Sculpture in England) (100WC Week 28 Term 2 2015)

I was crawling around the docks fleeing from the drunkards and sailors when I noticed an odd occurrence. Two men and a vermin terrier standing together by the quayside looking at the glint at the top of the waves. I quickly ran behind a steamer to avoid the gaze of the terrier. I knew I would be done soon, the docks were riddled with rat catchers and some of the most dangerous people in London. I climbed onto the steamer hoping the terrier wouldn’t come after me in pursuit. I knew I was stupid for staying in the docks but I knew I could survive somehow.