May 31

Quarantine Questions (BTN Term 2 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Quarantine Questions  (BTN Clip Released: 26/05/2015)

This BTN clip was about how quarantine works and it’s purpose. It mentioned a recent example of when quarantine has taken effect when Johnny Depp bought his dogs into Australia without putting them in quarantine. It talked about the various diseases that can come in if quarantine isn’t used and it also mentioned the steps and duration of quarantine ,which is ten to thirty days.

I understand how all the steps of quarantine work, the steps include planting microchips on animals, vaccinating animals and checking them for foreign diseases. I also understand the how important quarantine is to Australia and how not having quarantine would be a severe risk, if quarantine did not exist Australia would be a very different country likely for the worse then better.

A question I still have is: “Have there been any outbreaks of diseases because quarantine was over looked?”.

May 29

Camel Plague (BTN Term 2 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Camel Plague (BTN Clip Released: 04/08/2009)

This BTN clip was about a camel plague and how farmers want something done about it. It mentioned how the camels will eat grass meant for cattle and drink water from farmers leaving nothing for livestock. It also mentioned that the camel population in the Australian outback doubles every nine years.

I understand how concerning this can be for farmers because they have limited food and water for livestock. I also understand how this will effect the people living in the outback in towns because they can have their belongings destroyed by camels

A question I still have is: “Are there any other notable animal plagues in the outback?”.

May 27

So as She Lifted the Lid (100 WC Week 33 Term 2 2015)

I waited in silence as the scholar took the box onto her desk. She hesitated and asked what questions of the university this would answer I stayed silent as my master said “Hopefully all,”. The scholar gave me and my master an uneasy look but continued to examine the box of enigmas. I jumped off my master’s shoulders and onto the scholars desk I said “This was retrieved from the pillared city, Irem,” the scholar gives me a nod of understanding. The scholar mumbles something under her breath and begins to open the box. So as she lifted the lid she found a surmise. She said nothing and gazed in awe at me and my captains discovery.

May 27

The Thief Poem (Term 2 2015)

Stealing was what he did,

He really was quite well hid,

But then I caught him and found him out,

He said he didn’t understand what I was talking about,

But I knew deep down inside,

He really had it all to hide,

As I saw through his facade,

I left him to be behind bars,

He snarled at me out of spite,

But I really knew he was alright.

May 24

Antibiotics (BTN Term 2 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Antibiotics (BTN Clip Released: 19/03/2013)

This BTN clip was about antibiotics and how some people think that sometimes using it can have consequences. I mentioned the effects of antibiotics on people and what they’re used for, along with that it talked about the suspected and real consequences of using them. these consequences were about how they can help some bacteria evolve and mutate to be immune to the antibiotics. The obvious benefits of using antibiotics is that it kills bacteria easily.

I understand how the discovery of penicillin ,and all antibiotics, revolutionized the way we deal with bacteria today if it hadn’t been invented an infected cut could be lethal. Another understanding I have is about how far the medical industry has come and evolved as many essential discoveries were only made in the last century.

A question I still have is: “If antibiotics only treat bacteria what treats things such as: parasites and nano viruses?”.


May 22

But the Ferocious Wind (100 WC Week 32 Term 2 2015)

As we approached the killing winds of the Sea of Autumn I saw the unknown reaches of the Unter. Out boat had to endure the winds from the south, even through the sunless darkness of the Unter I could see a glimpse of the Chelonate cathedral. I climbed on top of the cabin I could see the Autumn Isles not far off but the ferocious wind was too much to bear. I wondered why the killing winds came to be, soon after I noticed that we were headed right through them then we plunged into the most unknown reaches and the greatest mysteries.

May 21

Term 1 Integrated Unit Reflection

Last terms integrated unit was on two parts of Australian history. The year fives were doing early Australian history and the year sixes were doing Australian history from the 1900’s onwards. My project was on Vietnamese immigration post civil war.


A fact I found was about how even though the Vietnamese used wooden fishing boats to go to Australia they didn’t actually fish. Vietnamese refugees didn’t know how to fish and ate things like rice on a boat instead. Some refugees even starved themselves towards the end of the twelve days as most boats ran out of food quickly.


Another fact I found out from doing my project was about how most of the immigrants were women and children and the main operators of the boat were young men and teenagers. This was because of the war leaving such an impact on the people still living in Vietnam, if the men had also left there mightn’t be anything there today.


The final fact I learnt from doing my presentation was that the war was only interfered with by places like America because they didn’t want a communist government ruling Vietnam.


An understanding I now have is about the struggle all refugees that travel by boat especially because most of the boats are terribly suited to sea travel.


Another discovery I found was about how the Vietnam war actually started I hadn’t known exactly how and I thought it was interesting.


A question I still have is about “Where did the Vietnamese buy their boats?”


The most important thing I learnt was that your team doesn’t always work with you as I did most of our project myself in my own time.


I also learnt that it’s important to stay in contact with everyone in your group as I had one of our group members disconnected phone number and he failed to call me despite me giving him my phone number.


I also learnt that a project by yourself or with two people is much easier  than doing a project with 3 people.


I did achieve all my unit goals which were to










I do now understand the immense impact Vietnamese refugees have on Australia and how important it is to today’s society. I’m proud of the work that I did and all the work I did over the whole 5/6 unit.

May 13

(Picture of a Lego Person and Bird) (100 WC Week 32 Term 2 2015)

I was walking along the cumaean canal up to the surface I knew I couldn’t stay up here for long or I would burn from the sun but I needed to see the surface rats in their prime. As I approached the end of the canal I saw some tree stumps doused in the surface’s sunlight. It was comforting seeing the sun after being down in the Unter for my whole life but I needed to do what I came here for. I noticed a human over on one of the stumps he looked like he was trying to swat something away from him, then suddenly an enormous hawk swept down and took him away. I decided to follow.

May 10

Animal ID (BTN Term 2 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Animal ID (BTN Clip Released: 21/10/2008)

This BTN clip was about how animal identification technology could be the solution to feral and wild pests like kangaroos and goats. An inventor has made a machine that identifies livestock and pests apart, because of this it’ll make farmers lives a lot easier. It also mentioned that a kangaroo plague in 2002 was the result of this technology not being around.

I understand how much of a positive impact on the farming industry because it will provide ways to control pests, contain livestock and possibly track the population of animals in an area. I also understand the importance of this with farming around the world as this technology might no only be used in Australia, selling this to other countries would be great for the farming industry across the world.

A question I still have is: “Are there any other notable plagues caused by farming operations?”.

May 5

(Modified Fairy Tale) (The Fox and the Grapes) (100 WC Week 31 Term 2 2015)

A wafting stench of wild fungus spread throughout the sewers as a rat came across a trap and food inside it. “Ehh” The rat muttered to himself as he inched closer to the trap and the food. Then suddenly a noise came from the other side of the sewer canal. It was another rat called May, as she saw the other rat reach for the food she advised “I don’t think you should do that, you might get trapped,”. Startled the other rat jumped back from the trap and shouted across to her “I didn’t even want to eat it anyway,” and  then he walked away silently, realising his foolishness.