July 30

(Take Risks Picture) (100 WC Week ? Term 3 2015)

It was hopeless. Fragments of ash passed me by like dust in the wind, fading in obscurity or nestling in my fur. The human officers aboard said it would be fine as they ate the other crew, I could see the tears in there eyes as they ate their friends. Cannibalism was the ultimate risk for a human, it either had your friends die in vain or had you drown in your own sadness. It could be considered a crime against humanity, I didn’t understand though. You can eat another rat if it’s died. I just hoped that soon we could reach a place to stay, a place to eat. A place to live.

July 29

School Economics (BTN Term 3 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: School Economics (BTN Clip Released: 05/02/2013)

This BTN clip was about why the Australian Curriculum was changed to include lessons on economics. It mentioned what purpose the lessons would serve, namely to teach children how the economy works. And it also mentioned why it’s not focused on having a stable job but instead making better decisions with money.

I understand what impact economics lessons will have on how the economy behaves in the future as people educated in Australia will be able to make smarter financial decisions. I also understand why it’s important to be taught basic economics at a young age because it means if you are confused in future or there is something you can’t understand financially you’ll already have the knowledge to work around it.

A question I still have is: “What economic breakdowns are likely to happen in the future?”.

July 21

(Pluto Comic (Different Perspective)) (100 WC Week ? Term 3 2015)

I stared into the abyss. It was cold, empty and dark. There were only a few visible specks of light in the distance. Besides those there were closer moons orbiting were I was. The deep abyss of space was empty, nothing was there, nothing was here. I was just a formation of rock coated in ice and craters, I was nothing. Then I saw a beam of light coming closer to me, at first it was a mere dot unseen by the naked eye. But then it came closer, more noticeable. Perhaps it was here for me I thought. I stared at it longingly, it was the one new thing I’d see for eons. But I hoped I could see it forever.

July 21

Antarctica (BTN Term 3 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Antarctica (BTN Clip Released: 07/04/2009)

This BTN clip was about the reasons why increasing numbers of scientists are venturing into the icy wasteland of Antarctica. It mentioned that Antarctica is technically a desert because of the lack of rainfall and is the driest, windiest and coldest place on Earth. It mentioned that the reason so many scientists are coming there is to study climate change.

I understand why it is important to research and find out about how the climate has change and how we may be able to revert it because it can show people how the world has changed over large periods of time. I also understand how discoveries beneath the ice or in the ice can influence the direction of research on climate change is headed this will greatly increase our understanding of places like this.

A question I still have is: “Has life ever inhabited Antarctica and if so what happened to it?”.

July 18

(Pluto Comic) (100 WC Week ? Term 3 2015)

What’s there in the distance? Could it be? Is that it? After 4.8 billion kilometres and 9 long years, it was the goal I’d been striving to reach. It had been caked in icy mountains and lakes on its surface, and what lies beneath was shrouded in mystery. But just as I was examining this ex – planet, I couldn’t help but know that I wouldn’t see Pluto again. I knew it was the inevitable for me to pass the dark horizon of space. I would’ve sighed if I could, to leave an unexplored frontier without fully exploring it. It seemed like such a waste but I couldn’t help it. I slowly left into the unknown depths on the horizon.

July 14

Illegal Souvenirs (BTN Term 3 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Illegal Souvenirs (BTN Clip Released: 02/04/2013)

This BTN clip was about the rules of what can be bought into the country and what is taken away by customs. It mentioned how some souvenirs can potentially carry diseases and pests while others can be legal in other countries but illegal in Australia. It also mentioned the some of the most common types of confiscated material such as food, etc.

I understand how important customs are to have because they keep borders under control and without them introduced diseases and pests would be much more common which would be not preferable. I also understand why certain things are illegal such as things made with animal products because they have the most potential to be illegal or to have diseases on them as they may have come from an endangered species, etc.

A question I still have is: “Have there been any recent cases of contraband getting smuggled successfully through customs?”.