August 5

Pitiful Rat

I emerged from the sewers of a once fertile world. As I emerged I saw wrecks of buildings, scorched earth and ruined concrete. I gazed upon the ashen trees burnt to the ground by nuclear firestorms. The sun seemed to be burning twice as bright as it used to. The city surrounding me was left in ruin. I ventured into the remains of one of the houses looking for another rat or anything left. This house seemed to be mostly intact apart from the water dripping in the kitchen, the noise was unsettling, like the heat and the thought of this house once prospering. It was only until I went up what was left of some stairs when I found one of the people that lived here. There was a dead child laying in bed. As I looked at the skeleton of this child I couldn’t help but feel what the child felt before he went to sleep, perhaps dying while asleep was the best fate for a child, or maybe he was hiding from the atomic bombardment under his covers. Then I heard the drip from downstairs again, yet this time it was accompanied by a different sound, the sound of breathing. I inched my way down the stairs trying not to make any noise. Once I glanced into the kitchen I discovered something moving, it was a dog. It didn’t seem to notice me as it was enthralled with the water dripping from the ceiling. As I carefully approached it I could make out a faint name on a collar around the dogs neck, it read ‘Muffy’. “Muffy,” I whispered, suddenly the dogs attention snapped onto me and it ran towards me and then made a dead stop in front of my paws. It looked down at me with ruffled fur that was missing patches and it was drooling irradiated saliva. I looked back at it, it was mercilessly panting looking at me with fluorescent eyes filled with hope. But as soon as I had a closer inspection of this beast I knew it was poisoned and had to be put down. I walked outside watching closely as the dog followed behind me, I went around to the side of the house where there was a dumpster and a broken window. I said loudly “Muffy!”, the dog came eagerly. I examined the ground and found a shard of glass, I then picked it up and decided his fate. I looked down pitifully on the dogs corpse, perhaps now it can rest in piece. I sighed and wiped a tear off my eye…

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