August 13

Greece in Trouble (BTN Term 3 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Greece in Trouble (BTN Clip Released: 21/07/2015)

This BTN clip was about the recent financial difficulties Greece is going through and the loan that has come through from neighboring European countries. It mentioned that the European government has given a loan of several billion dollars to Greece. It mentioned how the financial crisis in Greece started, (Because of a year when the government spent too much money). It also said that the main objection the Greek public had to the loan was austerity.

I understand why it is so important to restore Greece with the loan money even though there is the consequence of austerity because it will stop many riots that I myself have even been through and once the loan is paid off it will be beneficial to the country extremely. I also understand austerity is needed for the country to pay back the loan because without restricting the money given to the Greek public extremely Greece could be in debt for centuries.

A question I still have is: “What year is Greece expected to return to a stable economical state?”.

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