September 1

The Dream Job (100 WC Week ? Term 3 2015)

I shrieked as I watched the man corner my fellow rats. He was brandishing a varmint rifle in his hands and he had a loyal terrier by his side, I knew that with that terrier around I wouldn’t escape alive. I saw my plague get massacred by this man and his dog, there was much bloodshed to be seen. I hoped and prayed that I would be spared from the same gory fate as I struggled to the nearest exit. Then the terrier came away from the rat catchers side and darted straight for me, before I knew it the dog had bitten my leg off. After that the rat catcher came over with his rifle, I squealed and shut my eyes. Then he told me “It’s just business,”.

September 1

Public Money (BTN Term 3 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Public Money (BTN Clip Released: 28/07/2015)

This BTN clip was about how in parliament the tax payer money is reportedly being paid on things that it shouldn’t be used for such as recently when Bronwyn Bishop spent a large amount of money on a helicopter flight from Melbourne to Geelong.  It mentioned that the tax payer money or “public money” is the equivalent of an allowance for politicians, although unlike a wage it’s strictly for business purposes. It showed how the tax payer money is in a way entrusted to the government and its members, so it’s not spent on things that are prohibited that’s why there’s recent controversy surrounding the topic. It also mentioned that the current speaker has had controversy surrounding her because of this, even though it wasn’t mentioned in the clip Bronwyn Bishop has resigned likely because of this and some other reasons.

I understand that when the parliament is entrusted with the public’s money it should be kept strictly to reasonable business expenses because then people can exploit how they use it. I also understand how there are unwritten rules about how politicians should use tax payer money and it’s only because of these unwritten rules of trust that use of this money isn’t exploited or overlooked.

A question I still have is: “Have there been any other significant instances of tax payer money being misused?”.