October 28

Earthquakes (BTN Term 4 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Earthquakes (BTN Clip Released: 09/03/2010)

This BTN clip was about the earthquakes especially the ones that happened at the beginning of 2010 in Haiti and Chile. It mentioned that the earthquake in Haiti caused my damage despite the fact that the earthquake in Chile was more powerful. It showed that Chile is in the Ring of Fire which is an area with frequent earthquakes. It also mentioned that the casualties and injuries of the Haiti earthquake were about 2000 but for the Chile earthquake it was about 500.

I understand how the reason Chile suffered less damage because they were more prepared. I also understand that the amount of money the countries each had effected how they could attempt to withstand the earthquake.

A question I still have is: “Can an earthquakes force go above the Richter scale’s cap?”.

October 28

…She Just Wouldn’t Stop Crying… (100 WC Week 7 Term 4 2015)

I watched the city burn away into ash. The city deserved their fate of fire. I felt as if we deserved that fate too but we had our own beliefs of what should happen. I gazed at the fleeing people, they were crying, weeping in agony as they burned in brimstone. Then I saw a women that looked back at the city, she just wouldn’t stop crying. I had to pay no attention but I’d seen too much. The hell fire consumed her and her home. I watched as their world burnt to ash.

October 22

War Animals (BTN Term 4 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: War Animals (BTN Clip Released: 24/04/2012)

This BTN clip was about how animals are used in wars to help the war effort. It mentioned that animals help war efforts by delivering messages, tracking where explosives are hidden, etc. It said that animals that have done very satisfactory or tremendous jobs are awarded with medals such as the Dickin Medal, which is awarded to animals for showing amazing bravery. It also mentioned that animals have been used in wars since cavalry rode on horses.

I understand how much animals have helped Australia and other countries win wars because of there ability to do things humans couldn’t do themselves. I also understand how people used animals to help fight wars, such as when carrier pigeons are delivering messages they have the message tied to their leg and put in a plastic tube so it can be delivered.

A question I still have is: “What other animals have been used in wars besides donkeys, dogs, etc?”.

October 20

…It Felt Like.. (100 WC Week 6 Term 4 2015)

The pain, it felt like I was already dead. But I wasn’t, yet. The storm of nuclear fire storm engulfed the Earth and I was in the middle of all of it. I felt like I was being mutilated piece by piece, or being burnt to ashes. A million thoughts raced through my mind in my last moments. Then I vanished without a trace, around where I was lay a desolate wasteland, filled with silence. Then a single sound soon graced the world with it’s echo. A remnant of the past had survived the apocalypse.

October 7

Believing Rat

As the world came to a close my ancestors thought it was the end of our kind. However we were more resilient then they’d originally thought. We had survived on the remnants of human technology and reclaimed this desolate world from the powers that once ruled it. The creatures in the heavens have given us this world and we will not give it back. I stepped into the colony, back from a scavenging run. The colony was a tomb of iron and concrete inhabited by the remains of the rats that were alive. It kept us safe from the heavens destruction and it would us safe for the days following. From the scavenging trip I’d had I bought back a piece of metal and a shard of glass. The elder rats weren’t amused but it was better than dying. I fled into my quarters to continue what kept me from losing my will to live, I read a book. However this book was special. I’d never known how to exactly decipher human language but from what rats have discovered over the course of 300 years was impressive. From what I could understand the book was called “The Holy Bible”, and it was sacred. The elders thought it had filled me with lies and misled my beliefs but I had faith that it was true. I’d learnt that the creature that came from the heavens was a beast with seven heads and ten horns with a woman arrayed in purple and scarlet resting atop it. The seven heads represented the seven kings with no kingdom that revived an hour of authority over the beast. The woman carried a gold cup with the horrors of immorality inside it and she had a mystery branded onto her forehead “Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth”. I knew of the men. The four of seven horsemen awoken by the lamb. Conquest, Famine, War and Death. The harbingers of the divine apocalypse. I thought it had to be true. It must’ve been. That was the reason the world was in ruin. it had to have been true. Then I read the texts my ancestors had written they suggested that the apocalypse was cause by explosions raining from the sky coming east. I was torn as I read that. “Was it real?” I asked to myself. “Yes it was,” Answered back my thoughts. I felt like I’d already lost that will to live now. Perhaps that was the truth. Perhaps I was lied to. Perhaps neither were right. I felt like I’d finally snapped my mentality.

October 6

…Then, in the Middle of the Noise… (100 WC Week 4 Term 4 2015)

Suddenly while raiding the food storage of dome 20 with the rat colony we heard a rumbling outside. I demanded that the whole colony were to evacuate. As I went outside I saw a colossal creature rising out of the ground. It had a large beak and had a scarlet array of points and spikes covering it’s body. Then the beast let go of it’s fiery red spikes as they launched up high and rained destruction down from the heavens onto Earth. Then, in the middle of the noise I saw some of the rats get caught in the brimstone, they were burning up and in pain trying to crawl out of the fire. Unfortunately it was too late. I commanded the colony to come with me to refuge in the dome with me, perhaps we were the heirs of this world.