November 4

Asbestos Threat (BTN Term 4 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Asbestos Threat (BTN Clip Released: 11/06/2013)

This BTN clip was about asbestos and how it has been recently discovered in telecommunication pits across the country. It mentioned that asbestos is a mineral that is waterproof, fireproof and is strong so it was used in many buildings. It showed that asbestos was found to later have harmful properties if it’s broken down into dust, when this dust is inhaled ,overtime, it can cause lung cancer. It also mentioned that asbestos was banned for use as a building material in 1989 because of it’s harmful effects when disturbed.

I understand how harmful asbestos can be and how it is still a relevant risk when renovating a home even with it being banned for future use 26 years ago. I also understand that because asbestos is used in an average of one in three homes it threatens most people in Australia and should be carefully removed when found.

A question I still have is: “How many people have been effected by asbestos?”.

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