November 23

Ebola Free (BTN Term 4 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Ebola Free (BTN Clip Released: 17/11/2015)

This BTN clip was about how in Sierra Leone they have managed to eradicate Ebola completely from their country. It mentioned that Ebola is a disease which started to spread in an outbreak in Guinea. It showed that Ebola is spread by body fluids such as saliva and blood this can make it spread fast over a short time. The Ebola virus has been spread from West Africa to the USA, some of Europe and the UK.

I understand how many people in West Africa alone have been effected by Ebola and how it’s had such a strong impact on West Africa and the world, Ebola has killed 11,000 people in West Africa and has made 28,000 infected (Currently). I also understand how the effort to fight Ebola is starting to work and because Sierra Leone is now Ebola free we now have evidence that quarantining people and carefully treating them is working.

A question I still have is: “Which specific countries or states in Europe and the USA have been effected by Ebola?”.

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