December 17

Valedictorian (Farewell) Speech (Term 4 2015)

Welcome fellow year 6’s, teachers, parents and patrons to the year 6 graduation for 2015.

Throughout our time here at Moonee Ponds Primary we’ve gone through many experiences and these experiences are what have shaped our journey here. Even though some of us have been here for longer times than others we’ve still all had some great memories that we will take with us from this school.

Throughout their time here everyone has some memories that they’ll take with them throughout life and then they’ll look back on them and feel like they’ve come a long way. Maybe they’ll remember the multiple times they ran into poles at lunch, or maybe they’ll remember the time when they waited for 20 minutes after missing a train on the met challenge when they could’ve easily caught the bus to the same destination. Either way the moments we remember from this school are the moments that will make us feel stupid but like we’ve come a long way later in life.

Every student here today is intelligent and has talent that they’ve gained through this school. I’ve never met a more unique and talented group of kids then the ones I’ve met here at Moonee Ponds Primary. We’ve had children that’ve competed in the state finals with the hockey sevens and we’ve had children participate in a United Nations convention for children’s rights. We’ve all had some great achievements at this school that we should be proud of.

At this school we’ve never had a dull year there’s always been something to look forward to or something that we never would’ve expected. I know most people at this school have looked forward to camp every year since year 3 all the way up to this year. The events we’ve experienced at this school are what shaped us to have become such unique and different people, but I think every year it’s the year sixes that have changed the most from their first time starting school in prep all the way to now in our final days here.

But alas we cannot look back on the past for too long as the future awaits. Perhaps some of us will see familiar faces next year or maybe some of us will reminisce about the people they saw every day that have moved on. Though going on to secondary school is more like a fresh start than an “emotional” ending. We all await what lies in the future because our adventure through education is far from over; we are only at the halfway point.

So let us bid farewell to our old friends and peers as a new door opens to the future. We’ll all leave with our heads held up and our memories with us, because we are only students on a stairway to the future and we will not forget that.

Thank you.

December 3

Landfill (BTN Term 4 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Landfill (BTN Clip Released: 04/03/14)

This BTN clip was about the process that general waste takes before it’s put into landfill. It mentioned that general waste is first taken from your bin into a rubbish truck. It showed that next the rubbish is bought to a transfer station where illegal rubbish and recyclables are separated from the standard waste. It  also mention that next the remaining waste is transported to a landfill where it is stored under a layer of soil and is compacted underneath the soil.

I understand how the process of waste disposal works and how it effects everyone. I also understand the steps in which rubbish takes to be disposed. It’s first taken from a general waste bin into a rubbish truck, then it’s put at a transfer station to be separated and stored for a short amount of time and then it is finally taken to landfill.

A question I still have is: “How many landfills are there in Australia?”.