December 3

Landfill (BTN Term 4 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Landfill (BTN Clip Released: 04/03/14)

This BTN clip was about the process that general waste takes before it’s put into landfill. It mentioned that general waste is first taken from your bin into a rubbish truck. It showed that next the rubbish is bought to a transfer station where illegal rubbish and recyclables are separated from the standard waste. It  also mention that next the remaining waste is transported to a landfill where it is stored under a layer of soil and is compacted underneath the soil.

I understand how the process of waste disposal works and how it effects everyone. I also understand the steps in which rubbish takes to be disposed. It’s first taken from a general waste bin into a rubbish truck, then it’s put at a transfer station to be separated and stored for a short amount of time and then it is finally taken to landfill.

A question I still have is: “How many landfills are there in Australia?”.

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