November 30

My Head Really Ached (100 WC Week 12 Term 4 2015)

I woke up. The swarm had finally vanished. I struggled to get up, my head really ached. I felt like I couldn’t move at all. I looked at my surroundings, there were broken walls that had fallen to shambles. Blood coated the walls, a broken window let in the morning light and glass caked the floor in front of it. I felt around my head to see what the pain was. I felt a gaping maw over my cheekbone. I gulped. I looked the hand I’d felt it with, it was soaked in blood. I felt like I was about to throw up.

November 25

(Picture of Inflatable Sheep with a Car Parked in Front of it) (100 WC Week 11 Term 4 2015)

The behemoth loomed over me. It had long curved horns, ghastly grey fur, and a terrifying screech that reminded me of where I would go if I died to this giant. It had already massacred the rats that had stood before it and I was sure i was next to be eviscerated into pieces. I couldn’t tell where this beast had come from but my guess was possibly hell itself. It showed no remorse and ruthlessly shredded us one by one. I cowered down praying and begging for mercy but I already knew it was too late.

November 10

Red (100 WC Week 9 Term 4 2015)

I gazed at the bleeding corpses of my family. We had waged war against the other rat colony for long enough. The battlefield was an artwork of despondence. scarlet and cherry drenched warriors fell at the fangs of their brothers. But I wouldn’t raise my claw. Why must Narkov kill Narkov?. My eyes darted between my friends. All of them were my brothers, but all I saw in their eyes were traitors. I raised myself up on my hind legs and watched. A mass of blood and foam boiled beneath me. No single body in the formless flesh.

November 4

(Picture of Skeleton Half Buried in Mud) (100 WC Week 8 Term 4 2015)

I lay on my last night in a tomb that I lived in and a tomb I will die in. I gazed up at the baron stone covering the roof as I felt the cold dirt below me. The wind blew over my face accompanying my death. I looked at the light streaming through the crypts walls, it became more intense as the minutes went on. Then the light stopped and my corpse lay in an eternal light of silence. My corpse waited undisturbed for days, weeks, mouths, years, decades. My corpse waited for the silence to break, but it never did and it never would.

October 28

…She Just Wouldn’t Stop Crying… (100 WC Week 7 Term 4 2015)

I watched the city burn away into ash. The city deserved their fate of fire. I felt as if we deserved that fate too but we had our own beliefs of what should happen. I gazed at the fleeing people, they were crying, weeping in agony as they burned in brimstone. Then I saw a women that looked back at the city, she just wouldn’t stop crying. I had to pay no attention but I’d seen too much. The hell fire consumed her and her home. I watched as their world burnt to ash.

October 20

…It Felt Like.. (100 WC Week 6 Term 4 2015)

The pain, it felt like I was already dead. But I wasn’t, yet. The storm of nuclear fire storm engulfed the Earth and I was in the middle of all of it. I felt like I was being mutilated piece by piece, or being burnt to ashes. A million thoughts raced through my mind in my last moments. Then I vanished without a trace, around where I was lay a desolate wasteland, filled with silence. Then a single sound soon graced the world with it’s echo. A remnant of the past had survived the apocalypse.

October 6

…Then, in the Middle of the Noise… (100 WC Week 4 Term 4 2015)

Suddenly while raiding the food storage of dome 20 with the rat colony we heard a rumbling outside. I demanded that the whole colony were to evacuate. As I went outside I saw a colossal creature rising out of the ground. It had a large beak and had a scarlet array of points and spikes covering it’s body. Then the beast let go of it’s fiery red spikes as they launched up high and rained destruction down from the heavens onto Earth. Then, in the middle of the noise I saw some of the rats get caught in the brimstone, they were burning up and in pain trying to crawl out of the fire. Unfortunately it was too late. I commanded the colony to come with me to refuge in the dome with me, perhaps we were the heirs of this world.

September 1

The Dream Job (100 WC Week ? Term 3 2015)

I shrieked as I watched the man corner my fellow rats. He was brandishing a varmint rifle in his hands and he had a loyal terrier by his side, I knew that with that terrier around I wouldn’t escape alive. I saw my plague get massacred by this man and his dog, there was much bloodshed to be seen. I hoped and prayed that I would be spared from the same gory fate as I struggled to the nearest exit. Then the terrier came away from the rat catchers side and darted straight for me, before I knew it the dog had bitten my leg off. After that the rat catcher came over with his rifle, I squealed and shut my eyes. Then he told me “It’s just business,”.

August 27

(Birthday Allowance Cartoon) (100 WC Week ? Term 3 2015)

I held up the coin in front of my face. It felt nice in paws, it was warm. “Money is power,” I said to myself. Whoever said that was a human, I couldn’t think of any uses for money. Rats didn’t trade or buy they stole, scavenged, and looked for the things they needed. I started to think about how flawed the system rats used to stay alive was. If there were no people to leech off of then we could potentially die out. I sighed and clutched the coin to my chest. “Perhaps money is power,” I muttered.

August 12

(A Million Dollars) (100 WC Week ? Term 3 2015)

I fell through the vent on the vaults wall, I was sent crashing onto the ground with the sound of a metal vent coming not far behind me. I pushed off the vent, stood up and brushed myself off. As I looked up I saw the majesty that lay inside here. Stacks and stacks of money, enough for any human to prosper and live the high life. But when you’re a rat a million dollars is spent in a different way. I suppose it could be called a waste but when this much food confronts a rat there’s not option of refusal, I dived in.