November 16

Dr Jacqui Gulbis

One of my aunts on my mums side is a scientist. she works at the Walter+Eliza hall Institute of Medical Research.

She researches in a laboratory with her workmates.  She researches:

Cellular function is underpinned by the capacity to control the passage of molecules across membranes. Discrete macromolecular machineries have evolved for transport of ions, metabolites and newly synthesised proteins.

Her chief interests lie in mechanisms, regulation and interplay of systems facilitating membrane transport and cellular signalling, and the lab specifically focuses on two modes of molecular transport: protein translocation and ion conduction. To elucidate the mechanistic principles underpinning these systems they use X-ray crystallography as a central methodology for identification of systematic conformational changes of functional relevance.

October 7

Tags and categories

Tags and categories are important because you can find things more easily so if you have no tags or categories you’ll have a messy desktop.  You can find them as icons on the starting screen when you get onto your computer. They’re  important with posts because might want a book report they can just click on a link that says book reports and they’ll find it easily.

October 7

Imaginary creatures

I like things that let you have a freedom of choice and what you want to happen in your imagination. So I think up imaginary things like the scowl in my story the pling. All these things in my story’s which will be posted to this blog when I get home which is in about 7 weeks. So it’s kinda like a game were you have to meet that character and get know them and I like to know stuff but the cool part is that you can decide it so if you want your character to be tall then you can design it to make it tall. So that’s why I like choice.

September 25

our history and early traders

Macassan Traders

lived in the north of Australia.   They visited the north of Australia for at least hundreds of years, though probably much longer, fishing for trepang – sea cucumber – and trading with the Aborigines. These visitors contributed to the language, art, economy and genetics of the northern aborigines. The contact has left its mark on both sides of the Arafura and Banda Seas.

this a little bit about hem but I learned about these traders on this site if you want to know more.This is the URL for the site:      just put it in the URL bar to see it.

We don’t speak many other languages in our class.