May 27

The Thief Poem (Term 2 2015)

Stealing was what he did,

He really was quite well hid,

But then I caught him and found him out,

He said he didn’t understand what I was talking about,

But I knew deep down inside,

He really had it all to hide,

As I saw through his facade,

I left him to be behind bars,

He snarled at me out of spite,

But I really knew he was alright.

April 28

Internet Safety and Digital Licences (Term 2 2015)

While the year 5’s have been studying for Naplan the year 6’s have been using a digital licence website to train ourselves for using the internet in the future. Each section has been split up into different areas or modules.

If you want to access the website here’s a link:

Module 1 Digital Devices:

This module focused on the importance of what things to connect to your device and what not to connect. An example of what to not connect would be your bank details, etc. You would also avoid using foreign networks. I also understand the importance of taking care of your devices as they’re expensive pieces of equipment. Keeping your devices free of malware and being careful about what you’ve downloaded is also very important. I would like to know more about the other effects of malware and viruses on computers.

Module 2 Protecting Privacy:

This module focused on yours and others privacy and the importance of your password. They mentioned constructing your password out of multiple types of characters such a selection of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as some miscellaneous characters. I understand the massive impact of being hacked online as it has almost happened to me, several times,. As such I also understand the personal information that is at risk when an account or device is hacked into and the damage caused by that. I still have a question about how to test whether or not a password is effective.

Module 3 Searching and Researching:

This module was about how to protect yourself and what to be careful of when browsing the web, some of the things it said to look out for were scams, torrent sites, etc. It also mentioned the importance of choosing were you go on the web, how to use information you find on the web and how to go where you can find where you want to go on the web. I understand how important searching properly can be as sometimes what you can find is untrue or offensive. I also understand the dangers of downloading software even if it’s normally ok it’s always important to check exactly what your getting and where from. I still have a question about whether or not punctuation effects search results.

Module 4 Creating and Sharing:

This module was focused on how you can safely create and share information online, for example it mentioned asking people for permission to post a picture of them online and what content is appropriate to put onto the web in the first place. Another fact it mentioned was about what rules you should make for yourself when posting things online, like your own personal guidelines. I now understand the importance of checking what you create online because it maybe offensive to some people. I also understand the importance of not downloading or copying content that must be paid for because that can effect the artist’s sales and income greatly. A question I have about this is “How much data is uploaded to the internet a day and how much of that data if offensive?”.

Module 5 Networking and Gaming:


March 18

Vietnam Immigration Reflection (Term 1 2015)

In today’s lesson we looked at three main periods of immigration to Australia: Lesson

Vietnamese people came from 1976 until 1981 after the war between North and South Vietnam. 55,000 Vietnamese immigrants lived in Australia after the last boat had arrived (From Vietnam). The first boat of immigrants was called Fishing Boat KG4435 and landed in Darwin in 1976.

Most Vietnamese refugees were women and children likely because most men would’ve died in the war or would’ve stayed to help overcome poverty at the time. Vietnamese refugees also mostly came in fishing boats because they had most of their money and belongings destroyed, they also were frequently attacked by pirates since they were in fishing boats and were vulnerable.

A question I still have is “What did the people from North Vietnam do after the war, did they live as normal or did they also have refugees?

February 5

Why are You Lucky to Have Me in My Class? (Term 1 2015)

I believe that I would be an exceptional member of 5/6A in 2015.

The first quality I would like to showcase is my ability to question other people’s knowledge and opinions. I’m always intrigued by the way others think, and question my peers to encourage them to show what they know. I think being in this class will help me further this skill, and I’m sure you’ll see that I use this skill alot. I believe that one of the main ways people have learned is by asking questions and answering them. For example when people questioned the unanswerable they made a collective knowledge called science they used this to answer questions that couldn’t be answered normally.

Secondly I would like you to know about my understanding of mathematics. From the reports of previous teachers I’ve been singled out for having an amazing maths ability. To reinforce my first quality I mentioned I’ve always had a question about maths it’s: “If humans created maths then why can’t we understand it?”. In order to make this message at a readable size I won’t tell you everything I know about maths because there’s just too much to tell.

Next I would like to demonstrate my creative skills. In past experience I’ve participated in the tournament of the minds ,or ToM for short, which is a program which uses most of the skills that you learn in class such as creativity. And just like maths creativity is too big of a phenomenon for me to tackle. I plan to do ToM again and to continue pushing my creative mindset in new and interesting ways.

Finally I would like to show my talent for general knowledge. Generally I use my prior knowledge connected with newer knowledge that I’ve learned from asking questions to infer what ,for example, the meaning of a word is. I’m sure later in the year you’ll see me answering questions in class and sharing my knowledge, so I can teach others and help them work.

So I thank you for reading this and hope you’ll soon see that I’ll be an extremely exceptional member of 5/6A in 2015.

February 1

Letter Reply To Jude (Term 1 2015)

To Jude,

Thanks for welcoming me into your class and I hope I have a great year with this class.

Now I’ll tell you about my holidays and Christmas:

Firstly on Christmas I went to my dad’s side and on Christmas Eve I celebrated with my mum’s side. My cat, Matty, also was disturbed as she was hiding in my brothers room on his bed. I helped with the setting up of the celebration for my mother’s side. My favourite gift I got was a board game called Dominion which is a game based around building a kingdom and expanding a monarch.

Secondly I would like to share the highlight of my holidays. It was when I went camping with my family at Mount Buffalo I’ve always loved camping and this was no exception.

Thanks for reading my letter and I hope I have a great year in 5/6 A!


October 6

Literature Circles Reflection (Term 4 2014)

  • Name of Book: The Game of Goose
  • Author: Ursula Dubosarsky
  • Year of Publication: 2007
  • Group Members and Roles: Jack- Discussion Director, Jordan/Me- Captain of Comprehension, Ece- Passage Master, Ben P- Connector, Emily- Word Watcher, and Ayla- Tally Master.
  • What Worked Well-: Most people in our group completed their homework and played their roles. Jack directed the group very well and I think everyone was included. Jack also played a big part in creating our podcast.
  • Considerations for the Future: While The Game of the Goose was a blast to read it was extremely easy and short for year 5/6 reading standards. I think harder books should’ve been chosen for the program at a higher reading level.
  • Podcasts: While recording our podcast it was generally hard to have little background noise. The hardest thing in my opinion was controlling your volume. But trieing to do impressions of the books characters was fun. i also think interesting listening to the other groups podcasts and learning about their groups books.