October 23

TOGO backwards

TOGO?:377 says do not kill his me sih ih retsim I am TOGO nac uoy dnatsrednu het nerttap tey? esuaceB ti’s changeing. TOGO zys backsdarw so it si easy? TOGO is ereh won parade dair. TOGO know dis be hard for some but look close. TOGO=  ot+ egnaro+og+xodohtro. Did you understand that backwards is key. Decode this sentence: olleH evah uoy dootsrednu siht tey? TOGO says it means Hello have you understood this sentence yet? Try decoding other sentences backwards like: Rats live on no evil star.

December 12

The Cats by JB + AF

Long ago the planets fused together to form Excelsior. Excelsior was a place vast and wild a place of such where all life can exist. Peace lay between all nations and life.

The Dogs were a civilisation of the ways of fire, destruction and evil. The Dogs have destroyed many and few survived. 7 years later…

The Dogs took over Cat City it was horrible. Three survivors fled swiftly. The three were Archery cat, Claw cat and Blade cat. They had travelled a long journey and had been running away for days they didn’t where they were going. Eventually they stopped for rest. It was dusk and suddenly a Dog Bandit Squad attacked them. Then Archery cat remembered his old friend Canakoo from the fortress they had set camp near there so he called out. “OOOHOOHO”

And suddenly a yellow and green figure appeared in the sky it was Canakoo Claw cat and Blade cat nodded to each other and Canakoo got ready to fire. After a few minutes Canakoo launched his super hi-tech missile thing which is strange for such a friendly nation to be so military. Claw and Blade cat dodged the missile things and the Dog Bandit Squad fled, then a moose jumped out of a bush and said “MOOSE AWAY!” and jumped back into the bush, because they hated the Canaries but they were so hard to conquer and if you hate them they hate you forever.

Then Canakoo flew down softly and said “Come into the fortress its much safer”  “Ok” replied Claw cat Canakoo never trusted Claw cat because it always looked like he was hiding something he only trusted each other because they were both friends of Archery cat. They all flew into the fortress Claw cat with his stealth jet pack Canakoo with his wings and Blade and Archery cat with the hover boards. They were all wondering how they can get back Cat City.

Archery cat got a new wooden bow and a strong leather quiver with some sharp arrows from the local canary shop. When they went to bed (past there bed time) Claw cat went to the toilet and when he flushed a bomb exploded and it was very odd for a bomb to explode in a toilet but when it exploded Claw Archery and Blade cat went flying straight to the canary museum. Blade cat lazily leaned against the wall and the brick vanished and Blade cat fell over and said “Ow” he got up and saw a tomb he called the others they came running over and they were very surprised. They saw the scared bow quiver and arrows the volt claws and the time sword they each took one (expect archery cat who took the bow quiver and arrows) Claw cat choose the volt claws and Blade cat choose the time sword.

They told Canakoo they were going back to cat city with a few friends they walked to a path to the city and archery cat went “OOOHOOHO” and this time heaps of birds flew down at once Claw and Blade cat nodded and went “HOIMBFHJGHHHH” and the mice came. Claw cat said “PACOONOOBOMN” and then the hamsters came. They all marched proudly off to their home. The robo dog’s leader surrendered he was afraid of the sacred weapons but he still lay with revenge once he got away all the prisoners were free!

The End!… Or is it? O-O


By Atticus and Jordan

December 12


One early morning at 8:45 am, there was a program called G.A.T.E.WAYS. It was held in the school, Brunswick South West Primary School.

 The program worked like this, we first had a mini quiz. The quiz  was about science. First of all, everyone had to stand up and one of the teachers had to say a statement or a sentence. We had to put our hands up if we thought the statement or sentence was true. If we thought it was false, we had to put our hands down. But Afrah and Jordan didn’t win. Then they each had a ninety minute program.

 Afrah’s first one was about diseases. Afrah learn’t about diseases that you can catch and diseases that you cannot catch. Here are some examples of some diseases that you cannot catch, cancer like Leukeamia, Arthritis and Parhinsons Disease. Here are some examples of some dieases that you can catch, Polio, Ringworm, Tineu and Whooping cough.

 Jordan’s first one was about rock pools. This is what Jordan learnt, how animals survive in rock pools. Animals in rock pools need to survive from three things,high tide, low tide and danger. We all had to make our own rock pool inhabitence and it had to have protection from low tide,high tide and danger. Jordan’s creature was called Zolton. Its protection at high tide was super glue.Its protection at low tide is diging in the sand. Its protection from danger is camoflage.

Then it was recess. Afrah played tigi with Amy Davies who was from her school MPCS. She was also in the Blue group with her.

Jordan played with Sam who was from the school Saint Fidelis. He played Racing around the oval with him. After a short while it was time for another ninety minute program.

Afrah’s second program was about atoms. She learnt a lot of things from that lesson. Here are the most important dot points that she had,

  • ·        Liquid is made of two types of atoms which are Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • ·        There are an infinite number of atoms in the whole wide world
  • ·        In every type of atom the number of protons always equal the number of electrons


Jordan’s second program was about medical equipment. He learnt how to use medical equipment and what it does. Nanology is microscopic and 100,000 nanometres, is 1 millimetre a nanobot is 1 millimetre long.

Then it was lunch time. Afrah played skipping with Amy and Tara. Tara goes to Brunswick South West Primary School. That was where G.A.T.E.WAYS was held on.

Jordan played Marco Polo with Sam and some other people which he can ‘t remember the names of. After lunch, Afrah and Jordan had their last ninety minute program.

Afrah’s last activity was trapping lights and learning about fibres. She firstly watched 4 mini videos. The first one was about Charles K Kao who got the nobel prize for creating the fibre that can travel less than one second from country to country. For instance, if Afrah was to call one of her family relatives in Bangladesh, her phone call would travel through the fibre and connect with her relative’s phone in less then one second. Then she watched a mini video of how he actually made the fibre. After that video, she watched an advertisement