May 20

Daily Dash …How Could I Possibly Go On Something was Preventing me…

I was running and I was an idiot. Mostly drains didn’t flood very easily. When I was little I was told that rats only had three causes of death, death by human, death by trap and death by animal. Nobody told me about death by water.

I scurried across the tunnel. I could hear the distant echo of the torrent moving through the drains coming, closer. I collapsed how could I possibly go on, I thought, something was preventing me. It was me being pathetic I told myself and then I kept scuttling down the murky pipe.

Then suddenly the torrent crashed down the pipe and towards me. The tsunami swallowed me; I thought this was the end. I was struggling, my legs flailed wildly, I was weak. Then I started to feel like I was being pulled out. I breathed. I was filled with relief as the world around me revived. I had been flushed out of that hellhole.

Authorial: T.P

Secretarial: O.D

May 20

Send My friend to School (100 WC Week 33)

Lucy simply must go to school. People with disabilities should be accepted into schools. Not only because it is essential to have an education but it is also inhuman to not let people with disabilities into schools because plenty of people that have had disabilities that have gone to school. People in Kenya and other third world countries should be able to create some kind of public transport to help people travel large distances and help people with traveling difficulties get from place to place. So I urge you to help all people to get to school and have an education.