September 4

Battle for Australia Shrine Recount (Term 3 2014)

On the 3rd of September 2014, several schools such as Moonee Ponds Primary, St Patricks College and others, went to the Melbourne battle for Australia shrine of remembrance. This commemoration event was held to remember to great soldiers who gave there lives in World War II. Many songs, prayers and blessings were sung by the Royal Melbourne philharmonic choir and were accompanied by the RAN or Royal Australian Navy Band. Some of the songs were “I am Australian” and “Be Still My Soul”. The event was hosted by Mr. Paul Sheaman AM member of the Battle for Australia Foundation. Student presentations and speeches were shared by the following school leaders: Ben Martin, Mitch Groenewald, Kynen Teesdale, Adele Dridham, Keanu Stinson and Maggie Brittingham. Each of these leaders shared speeches about teamwork and mateship and how it helped in the war effort. These speeches were titled: “Mateship on the Kokoda Track”, “Teamwork in the Battle of the Bismarck Sea”, Chaplaincy and Mateship”, “Mateship in the Horrors at Hellfire Pass” and “Mateship at the Caulfield Recruit Camp”. It was an exciting event yet it was also very sad.