December 17

Valedictorian (Farewell) Speech (Term 4 2015)

Welcome fellow year 6’s, teachers, parents and patrons to the year 6 graduation for 2015.

Throughout our time here at Moonee Ponds Primary we’ve gone through many experiences and these experiences are what have shaped our journey here. Even though some of us have been here for longer times than others we’ve still all had some great memories that we will take with us from this school.

Throughout their time here everyone has some memories that they’ll take with them throughout life and then they’ll look back on them and feel like they’ve come a long way. Maybe they’ll remember the multiple times they ran into poles at lunch, or maybe they’ll remember the time when they waited for 20 minutes after missing a train on the met challenge when they could’ve easily caught the bus to the same destination. Either way the moments we remember from this school are the moments that will make us feel stupid but like we’ve come a long way later in life.

Every student here today is intelligent and has talent that they’ve gained through this school. I’ve never met a more unique and talented group of kids then the ones I’ve met here at Moonee Ponds Primary. We’ve had children that’ve competed in the state finals with the hockey sevens and we’ve had children participate in a United Nations convention for children’s rights. We’ve all had some great achievements at this school that we should be proud of.

At this school we’ve never had a dull year there’s always been something to look forward to or something that we never would’ve expected. I know most people at this school have looked forward to camp every year since year 3 all the way up to this year. The events we’ve experienced at this school are what shaped us to have become such unique and different people, but I think every year it’s the year sixes that have changed the most from their first time starting school in prep all the way to now in our final days here.

But alas we cannot look back on the past for too long as the future awaits. Perhaps some of us will see familiar faces next year or maybe some of us will reminisce about the people they saw every day that have moved on. Though going on to secondary school is more like a fresh start than an “emotional” ending. We all await what lies in the future because our adventure through education is far from over; we are only at the halfway point.

So let us bid farewell to our old friends and peers as a new door opens to the future. We’ll all leave with our heads held up and our memories with us, because we are only students on a stairway to the future and we will not forget that.

Thank you.

December 3

Landfill (BTN Term 4 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Landfill (BTN Clip Released: 04/03/14)

This BTN clip was about the process that general waste takes before it’s put into landfill. It mentioned that general waste is first taken from your bin into a rubbish truck. It showed that next the rubbish is bought to a transfer station where illegal rubbish and recyclables are separated from the standard waste. It  also mention that next the remaining waste is transported to a landfill where it is stored under a layer of soil and is compacted underneath the soil.

I understand how the process of waste disposal works and how it effects everyone. I also understand the steps in which rubbish takes to be disposed. It’s first taken from a general waste bin into a rubbish truck, then it’s put at a transfer station to be separated and stored for a short amount of time and then it is finally taken to landfill.

A question I still have is: “How many landfills are there in Australia?”.

November 30

My Head Really Ached (100 WC Week 12 Term 4 2015)

I woke up. The swarm had finally vanished. I struggled to get up, my head really ached. I felt like I couldn’t move at all. I looked at my surroundings, there were broken walls that had fallen to shambles. Blood coated the walls, a broken window let in the morning light and glass caked the floor in front of it. I felt around my head to see what the pain was. I felt a gaping maw over my cheekbone. I gulped. I looked the hand I’d felt it with, it was soaked in blood. I felt like I was about to throw up.

November 30

Narrative (Term 4 2015)

I sighed as I looked down upon my withering hands, I was getting old. I’d lived in these caves across Zion for 32 years, and I’d never been able to have contact with anyone in that time. I’d lost my wife, my unborn child, my home and my past when the bombs fell in 2078.

32 years ago I’d lived in Cedar City before the nuclear holocaust. At the time when the apocalypse rained down I was camping in the Zion National Park. I saw the destruction from afar as a spectator, I remembered the deafening sound, the fear that had torn my mind, the fire, everything. I sometimes wished that I’d been that I’d been taken with them.

I remember that I’d lived completely isolated for what I thought was almost 20 years after that day; I had to stay inside this cave to avoid the radiation 3 months after the cataclysm. I’d only seen mutated rams with massive horns, no wool and red decaying flesh. Occasionally I would’ve seen a bear creature but they were rare and hard to spot. Up until then that was all I’d seen to indicate that life still existed. But then I saw people settle in the canyon. I remember that they looked as if they were in need of help. Before I wanted to approach them I thought I would scare them, I saw that most of them were gravely wounded and were dressed in torn clothes. I remember that when they first slept under the moonlight I decided to give them an old lighter I’d salvaged from the national park gift shop and some of the mutated ram’s meat. I thought that I would be able to help them survive here, and then I would reveal myself and live with them peacefully. I remember distinctly being overjoyed at the thought of once again speaking to people and maybe once again having a family.

After that day as I watched over the group again under the lush golden sun they looked at my gifts in puzzlement. From my perch high up on the canyons edge I could make out them accepting my gifts, I remember thinking that now I would have a new reason to live in this wasteland of America.

I remember that a week or so after that when I figured it was time I revealed myself to the people. As I sneaked closer to their camp I then found out that they didn’t speak English. I remember sneaking away after that. I felt crushed inside but I still persevered.

But a month after the group’s arrival I heard gunfire while I was sleeping, that sent a chill down my spine but I reassured myself and decided I would check it out in the morning. But what I witnessed in the morning was a horrible scene. I felt like I’d been scarred for life once more. I’d witnessed the biggest crime against human nature. The events that had happened up to that point were staining my sanity to its breaking point. I remember gazing down at the mutilated bodies of people I’d helped, people I’d cared about. Faces of terror were painted on half eaten bodies. I cried to myself “No, no, no, why did this happen,” “Why do I have to survive through this,” That night when I went back to my cave and had suicidal thoughts, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Now it’s been 12 years after that atrocity according to the scattered notes I’d written and the markings I’d left on the caves walls. I haven’t avenged the people I’d seen die, and I’d only seen one visitor wandering this canyon. That visitor was a freak of nature, it had the same flesh as the rams but it looked like a human that was deformed with no nose and no eyes. It tried to lunge at me but I had to put it down. That thing was what had made me want to stay in Zion even after the travesty that had happened to this place, I could only shudder at the thought of what lies in the wasteland after seeing that abomination. I’d felt on edge after that encounter, I was aging approaching 79 years of age and with that I was getting much weaker over time, I felt like that if more abominations venture into the canyon I wouldn’t be able to protect my land.

I knew I was approaching death and I was losing a will to live, every time I ventured out to the bluff where the rams stayed my bones ached and creaked. I could tell I was standing on my last legs. Then when I was watching from my perch at the canyon wall I saw another group of people. Only as I peered closer I could see that they were not adults they seemed to be all children alone without someone to guide them. I knew that this was my last chance to not fail and leave a legacy before the elements took me.

I decided to leave the children a story book, a piece of paper that said “From Zion,” I thought these children needed the same guidance that my child would’ve needed if the bombs never fell. I didn’t know what the children would do or where they had even come from but I hoped that I would finally be able to have redemption. The next morning similar to the settlers I’d given gifts to the children were puzzled by the book and paper but accepted it. Now I thought I had a new reason to live on this ruined world.

I continued to give everything I had to these children to ensure that they grew up into good people. I decided that I wouldn’t show myself to the children as I didn’t want to spoil their vision of me as a kind deity with a noble cause instead of an old man in his final days. When I gave them supplies I eventually stopped giving them books and education and I started to give them weapons to kill rams and medicine to heal them when they were wounded they seemed to be more satisfied with the new practical things.

I felt like I was beginning to become more of a father than a guardian of these children. I felt like I was responsible for them and that I now had the children that I’d never seen. I began addressing myself as “Father” on my notes instead of Guardian or Zion, because I felt I was that to them. As well as the practical things I’d given the children I decided to start sharing lessons I’d hope that they’d pass down written on my final few notes.

I’d been seven years since the children arrived and I’d finally decided that I couldn’t keep living any longer, I’d been wheezing and getting shorter breaths I thought I was getting cancer from the radiation. I didn’t want another birthday. On my final note I gave them I told the children to “Children, I want you to read and learn to make the most of your new home. I want you to take care of my most precious gift to you, Zion. I want you give you Zion to make up for all the sorrows man has caused upon man and the harm that man has caused upon you. I want you to be kind and modest to each other. I want you never to hurt anyone unless someone else comes along and tries to hurt you strike back with righteous anger. This will be my final note and gift to you children of Zion, -The Father.” After I delivered that note I used the last breath I had in me to walk up to Zion’s highest point where I could let nature give me the death I could’ve never asked for myself. I came up with my rifle from before the war and a note that I would leave for whoever finds the skeleton of Zion’s Father.

I lay down under the night sky. There were no stars out and the wind was ominous and cooling. I looked up at the stars and thought about my life. What was the point of my life? I’d made so many failures, so many mistakes. But life forgave me, it let me cheat death. It wasn’t my choice to live this long, it was life’s choice. I chose to die again and again but life refused to let me die. I wished the children well, they seemed like a gift to me. They seemed like the perfect way to end it all and behold me redemption for my failures. “Goodbye, Zion,” I muttered to myself under the breeze. I slowly closed my eyes and let nature grant me my final wish.

November 25

(Picture of Inflatable Sheep with a Car Parked in Front of it) (100 WC Week 11 Term 4 2015)

The behemoth loomed over me. It had long curved horns, ghastly grey fur, and a terrifying screech that reminded me of where I would go if I died to this giant. It had already massacred the rats that had stood before it and I was sure i was next to be eviscerated into pieces. I couldn’t tell where this beast had come from but my guess was possibly hell itself. It showed no remorse and ruthlessly shredded us one by one. I cowered down praying and begging for mercy but I already knew it was too late.

November 23

Ebola Free (BTN Term 4 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Ebola Free (BTN Clip Released: 17/11/2015)

This BTN clip was about how in Sierra Leone they have managed to eradicate Ebola completely from their country. It mentioned that Ebola is a disease which started to spread in an outbreak in Guinea. It showed that Ebola is spread by body fluids such as saliva and blood this can make it spread fast over a short time. The Ebola virus has been spread from West Africa to the USA, some of Europe and the UK.

I understand how many people in West Africa alone have been effected by Ebola and how it’s had such a strong impact on West Africa and the world, Ebola has killed 11,000 people in West Africa and has made 28,000 infected (Currently). I also understand how the effort to fight Ebola is starting to work and because Sierra Leone is now Ebola free we now have evidence that quarantining people and carefully treating them is working.

A question I still have is: “Which specific countries or states in Europe and the USA have been effected by Ebola?”.

November 10

Red (100 WC Week 9 Term 4 2015)

I gazed at the bleeding corpses of my family. We had waged war against the other rat colony for long enough. The battlefield was an artwork of despondence. scarlet and cherry drenched warriors fell at the fangs of their brothers. But I wouldn’t raise my claw. Why must Narkov kill Narkov?. My eyes darted between my friends. All of them were my brothers, but all I saw in their eyes were traitors. I raised myself up on my hind legs and watched. A mass of blood and foam boiled beneath me. No single body in the formless flesh.

November 4

Asbestos Threat (BTN Term 4 2015)

Behind The News – This clip was called: Asbestos Threat (BTN Clip Released: 11/06/2013)

This BTN clip was about asbestos and how it has been recently discovered in telecommunication pits across the country. It mentioned that asbestos is a mineral that is waterproof, fireproof and is strong so it was used in many buildings. It showed that asbestos was found to later have harmful properties if it’s broken down into dust, when this dust is inhaled ,overtime, it can cause lung cancer. It also mentioned that asbestos was banned for use as a building material in 1989 because of it’s harmful effects when disturbed.

I understand how harmful asbestos can be and how it is still a relevant risk when renovating a home even with it being banned for future use 26 years ago. I also understand that because asbestos is used in an average of one in three homes it threatens most people in Australia and should be carefully removed when found.

A question I still have is: “How many people have been effected by asbestos?”.

November 4

(Picture of Skeleton Half Buried in Mud) (100 WC Week 8 Term 4 2015)

I lay on my last night in a tomb that I lived in and a tomb I will die in. I gazed up at the baron stone covering the roof as I felt the cold dirt below me. The wind blew over my face accompanying my death. I looked at the light streaming through the crypts walls, it became more intense as the minutes went on. Then the light stopped and my corpse lay in an eternal light of silence. My corpse waited undisturbed for days, weeks, mouths, years, decades. My corpse waited for the silence to break, but it never did and it never would.